Hippy Health & Wellbeing

Hippy health and well being should be at the forefront of our minds. We all know how important it is to ensure that we are all healthy and well in both body and mind. It is key to a long and happy life that we are well in both areas. A healthy body but unsettled mind is not a good combination, nor is a healthy mind but unwell body. There are of course exceptions however, where these things are under our control they go hand in hand and should both be thought of as equally important.

We get bombarded by the government  and the media on what is good for us and what we should and should not do – if we listen to them all of the time we would all be recluses who lived in doors, ate and drank nothing and did nothing. Not me thank you very much! The trick to living a healthy and content life is pretty much common sense which we all have – some more than others 😉 For me a happy life includes my family, animals and of course my hippy clothing.

Over the next few months we are going to be writing some articles on ways to better improve both physical and mental health so, watch this space. This article is just the start and will note a few areas that you can start to think about right away.

Here are our top tips to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing –  in no particular order:


Hippy Love

It is super important that we remain connected to the people in our lives. Family, friends and work colleagues are all important people who have a role to play in our lives. When we have a lot on it is easy to get distracted and start to distance ourselves from people, perhaps not intentionally, however, this can have a detrimental effect on how we feel. We can start to feel  lonely and not realise why – being around people all day will not stop you feeling alone or lonely, you need to interact. If there is someone that you can talk to then share your feelings and what is playing on your mind and equally, listen, as you may not be the only one who needs to talk! Someone else’s problems may help you to put your into perspective.

Eat Well 

Now when I say eat well, I do not mean lots 🙂 All I mean is healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Of course we still want to eat the naughty sugary foods such as chocolate, biscuits and cakes, mmmmm cakes……which we of course can, just in moderation. I am not writing this to preach to the choir. Do as you will, I just know firsthand the difference that changing your eating habits can make. We all still need cake in our lives though!

We never used to think about what we ate – pair that with a seriously  under active thyroid and what do you get – fat! Fat  is what you get – very overweight. Lucky for the head hippy he has a fast metabolism so remained nice and slim (sod!). Just by cutting out processed and really fatty foods and eating more fruit and veg really helped me to shift some pounds. After a while you stop noticing what you shouldn’t have and enjoy the good stuff that you can. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat what I want, just in moderation. Throw some exercise into the mix, running for me,  and you are onto a winner.

Get Creative 

Hippy Creativity

Studies show that just 10 minutes of creativity a day can really help relieve stress, and makes for a happier less busy mind. Creativity can come in many guises depending on what you like to do. Drawing, colouring, knitting, crochet, card making, dress making, writing and pretty much anything that you like to do.  Pick something that completely absorbs your mind and takes you away from the stresses and strains of the day. Try to make it something that is portable that you can take around with you should the need arise.

Be Active

You will be surprised at the effect that physical activity can have on both the body and the mind. I am not talking about all of a sudden going out and entering into an Iron Man competition or anything like that but simple things like talking you self out for a walk. A brisk walk at lunchtime or a gentle walk after dinner is a wonderful thing that will leave you feeling refreshed and happier. Keeping active releases endorphins which is known as the happiness drug!  Research shows that exercise cannot only help with weight loss (if you need it) but also shows that it can boost self-esteem, help with sleep, energy levels and can seriously help to reduce stress levels, not to mention it can help with depression too. Over time it can also help to keep Dementia and Alzheimer’s  at bay. Get out there guys!

Continue Learning

Never stop learning. Learning keeps your mind active and can really help build a sense of achievement alongside self-confidence. It can be something totally new and that interests you or, you can build on a knowledge base that you already have. Take a course or learn how to knit, the options are endless. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is something that you will enjoy and not something likely to stress you out.

Drink MoreWater-

Alcohol of course – nah sorry, only kidding. I am referring to water in general and teas. It is very easy to get caught up and forget to drink. Lack of fluids can lead to dehydration which is not a good thing at all. Mild dehydration can lead to tiredness, lack of energy and a serious lack of concentration. Please try to drink plenty of water etc folks to stay healthy. It really is good for you, along with a glass of red wine a day or so I am told 😉

Get Involved and Give Back

 Even the tiniest of actions can help others. A smile, a kind word and even a thank you can mean so much to many. You can never tell what is going on in someone’s mind behind the persona that they put on. Take the time to get to know people, listen and you may find that you can help. I am not saying that you need to try and help everyone but, you can make a start by smiling at people you pass and wishing them a good morning etc.

Be  Mindful

Not just for hippy’s, this is easier than it may sound. The idea is to ensure that you become more present in each moment. Take note of your thoughts and feelings and become much more aware of the people around you and of your surroundings. Give a little thought to each of these things each  day and it will become natural to be mindful each and every day. This really will improve how you feel. Take a walk outside and appreciate the air, the grass that you walk on and the wildlife around you. Try to feel the earth’s energies –  share in the same energy that is flowing all throughout the world.

So, there you have our top tips for hippy health and well-being. There are many other things that I can think of that I could include but I would be here all day. I hope that you have found this useful and that it helps in your journey.

If I can ask you to do just one thing today it would be to smile! A smile makes people happy. It can improve on your mood, improve the day or a stranger and can even make you laugh. Start every morning with a smile either for yourself or the person that you wake up with. Your day will be off to the best start!

Our hippie clothing is designed to be comfortable, bright and fun to wear. Unique clothing can bring well being and creativeness to the forefront.

Peace, love & Light xx