Hippie Hoodies

Hippy Hoodies Are Back and Better than EverWelcome, welcome, welcome, step right up! Hippy hoodies are back and better than ever! A cause for celebration right.. We all love a good hoody or 2 – they add an extra layer of warmth on the cool days and lets be honest, there is something very comforting about pulling up a hood. Just pulling that hood up around your ears helps you to shut the world out when you need just a moment of peace.

These days there are many a bad word said against the hoodie generation however don;t let that put you off. Much like with anything, there really is only a small percentage that are idiots. There is absolutely nothing threatening about a bright and colourful hippy hoody. Quite the opposite in fact, the bright colours and patterns of hippie clothing induce smiles not fear!

BeginningsHippy Hoodies are Back and Better Than Ever

When Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing first started out back in 2010 we had a huge and extensive rage of fabulous hippie hoodies. We went on a search for some of the most exciting and unique handmade hoodies that we could find. Boy what a selection we had for you folk. However, most unfortunately,  as I was working on my own and the business was growing quickly it became a much harder task to keep this up. The reason being is that as each one was special and one of a kind, I to photograph each one. I wanted my customers to be able to selected the exact one that they wanted and not some variation that we pulled off of the shelves). Don’t get me wrong, we still had a great collection for you which the customers loved but, I wanted to give you guys more.


Hippy Hoodies Are Back and Better Than EverThe great news is that Nici is now on board – Mrs Mystical Mayhem. You know that this means… Hippy hoodies are back and better than ever! The search has begun again and you guys are in for a treat. We have had a fair few arrive over the last week and have more on order. We are in the process of photographing them as I type.  As before each and every one is unique and photographed  individually so you can pick and choose your colours.

I have always loved these hoodies as they all contain all manners of loveliness. You can find embroidery, paint work and printed patterns that are unique. They have all been made by skilled dressmakers. Someone has sat at a sewing machine and personalised the item with different colours and patterns. Often times much of the patterns are hand stitched. No two are ever the same just like you and me, we are our own beings and different from everyone else. We may be similar but not the same. We find that pretty awesome.

You can wear one of these tops with absolutely anything as they go with everything. If you go for a bright top you way want to wear a nice neutral coloured skirt or pair of trousers or, you may want to go all bright and colourful with some added tie dye perhaps. Whatever you choose will look great.

Anywho guys as you may have guessed, hippy hoodies are back and better than ever so,  take a look at what we have got and see if you fancy brightening up your wardrobe.