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Hippy Hoodies Back and Better than Ever

When Mystical Mayhem HippBlack Embroidery Patchwork Peace Sign Hippy Jackety Clothing first started out back in 2010 we had a great range of hipGreen Circle Pattern Rainbow Hooded Hippy Festival Jacketpie hoodies.
We found some of the most exciting and unique handmade embroidery hippy hoodies that we could and boy did we find a great selection.  However as I was working on my own and the business was growing quickly it became harder to photograph each one (they are all so unique I wanted my customers to be able to selected the one they wanted).  We still had a nice selection but I wanted to give you guys more.

Great news is that we have started to stock these great looking hippie hoodies again.  We have had a fair few arrive over the last week and have more on order.  As before each and every one is unique and photographed so you can pick and choose your colours.
Purple and Rainbow Sunshine Pixie Hooded Hippy Jacket

I have always loved these hoodies as they all contain embroidery, paint work and printed patterns that are always unique, someone has sat at a sewing machine and personalised the item with different colours and patterns, no two are ever the same just like you and me, and we find that pretty awesome.  Anyway have a look at what we have had arrived and see if you fancy brightening up your wardrobe.