Hippy Jedi Cloak – Long Jacket

Oooh a Hippy Jedi Cloak – Long Jacket. What exactly is one of those?  I hear you ask (with trepidation and excitement in your voice). Could this be what I think it might be? I hope so!

Hippy Jedi Cloak – Long Jacket

Hippy Jedi Cloak - Long JacketFor a long time now I have dreamed of owning a long hippy jacket in funky colours loosely based on the style of the Jedi Knight robe from the Star Wars movies.
Since I first saw A New Hope, I have always loved the long flowing robe with the big hood, the long arms and big sleeves.  For years I thought about this hippy jacket that did not exist so, I decided to put my idea on paper and came up with my first draft of the hippy styled Jedi cloak, jacket. We could not wait to add this to our hippy clothing collection.

These new cotton hippy jackets were inspired by the Star Wars Jedi robes and are made from a thick weave heavy cotton material, each jacket weighs about 2.4kg so you are sure to keep warm wearing one of these hippy jackets.  The thick weave material is used in some of our other hippy clothing products including jackets, bags and our best selling cotton ponchos.

Handmade in Nepal

Like all things that come out of Nepal, they ended up being a little different to the original sample however ,these long male cotton hippy jackets are still funky.  I never wanted the length to drag Hippy Jedi Cloak - Long Jacketalong the floor as this would ruin the material and not last very long so I settled for a below the knee length jacket instead. We want to ensure that our festival clothing lasts.

The inside of these long hippy jackets are lined with cotton lining.  Each jacket comes with two inside pockets, both of which have zips to close them.  I wear these jackets and love having a place I can store my wallet and know its zipped away.  The outside of the jacket has two pockets (one on each side).  We have also added toggles to help close the jacket when you’re feeling a little cold, you can also use the belt to tie together.  I personally won’t be closing the jacket when I am wearing it but wanted to give customers the option to be able to close it if they wish.

We have provided a fully functional hood.  Most of the time hoods are just too small to use but this hood was made bigger than normal and so is great for hiding in when it gets cold.  All in all this hippy Jedi cloak is nice and roomy and sure to keep you warm, just be warned that people will ask you about your jacket as you’re going to stand out.

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