Welcome to the hippy patchwork clothing company. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts sell a wide variety of Fair Trade patchwork clothing to suit your hippy styled clothing needs.  These fun and funky patchwork pieces of clothing brighten up your wardrobe with unique and creative patchwork designs. Here is a selection of some of our patchwork clothes.

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[product_category per_page=”100″ category=”patchwork-tie-dye-grandad-shirts” columns=”4″]
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[product_category per_page=”100″ category=”gringo-cotton-patchwork-printed-pattern-lined-jackets” columns=”4″]
[product_category per_page=”100″ category=”wool-patchwork-hooded-jacket” columns=”4″]
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Hippy Patchwork Clothing Company

Hippy Patchwork Clothing CompanyMost of our patchwork clothes can be found listed below but if you are looking for some thing specific then place just browse all our products and find the category that best suits you.  Hippie clothing and patchwork goes together like bees and honey, you just can’t have one without the other. Please be sure to check the sizes of each item as all these are handmade and sizes do vary across styles of this wonderful festival clothing.

Cotton Patchwork grandad shirts.

These colourful patchwork grandad shirts are all handmade in Nepal from colourful cotton pieces of material, made from the same material as our grandad shirts and our striped trousers.  Each and every patchwork shirt is unique and has printed and painted patterns. We have a variety of sizes across a range of colours that we hope you like.

Cotton Patchwork Hooded Tops

These are very popular as they look great and hoods are really in at the moment.  The added addition of the front kangaroo pocket give this hooded patchwork shirt a real usefulness as well as looking great.  Each top comes with a nice patchwork hood for helping keep the chill of your head or for just looking cool. Hippy Patchwork Clothing Company

Cotton Patchwork Wrap Skirts

These cotton patchwork wrap skirts are handmade in Nepal.  Each and everyone is unique due to the handmade and patchwork nature of the item.  These great looking skirts come in several different styles and colours bringing you a great choice in patchwork skirts.  Long flowing patchwork skirts have been at the forefront of hippy clothing for many years due to the unique nature of them.  We think you will like the ones we have to show you.

Cotton Patchwork Shoulder Bags

Funky Nepalese cotton patchwork shoulder bags, each and everyone is unique and photographed for you to take your pick of the one that looks the best for you.  These great looking shoulder bags are just so unique and colourful.  These patchwork bags are very popular among festival goers.

Cotton Pixie Hooded Patchwork Jackets

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts have been selling patchwork pixie jackets for many years now.  They are one of our best sellers as they have a great style to them and everyone is unique due the the handmade and patchwork nature of them.  All these patchwork pixie jackets are made in Nepal from a soft stretchy cotton material that looks and feels great.  If you are really looking for something completely unique then look no further than these patchwork jackets.

Cotton Patchwork Jackets

Our range of cotton patchwork jackets with normal hood is very popular.  These patchwork jackets suit both male and females although please look at the sizes as some are smaller than others and may not be great for larger men.  As will all of our festival clothing we always advise you see the and compare sizes before buying as sizes do vary from style to style.

Wool Patchwork Jackets

These great looking chunky wool patchwork jackets have always been a great seller because people love the strange look and unique nature of them.  Each jacket is made from wool in the Nepal, each jacket is hand knitted from colourful wool to form these lovely and warm winter wool patchwork jackets.  These are great for festival season or during the cold winter months.

If really doesn’t matter if you are a hippy or not what matters is if you like unique handmade clothing that really shows who you are.  We hope our range of patchwork clothing has something that you find just right but if not then please let us know and we will see if we can source it for you.  Have a great day and stay unique.