Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing  we love hippy patchwork shirts.  Nothing says hippy more than unique clothing.  All  of our patchwork hippy styled shirts are handmade in Nepal and each and everyone is unique.  We select the colours we wish the producers to use and they just go crazy making up these fun and funky patchwork shirts.

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Patchwork Grandad Shirts

Hippy Patchwork ShirtsThe grandad shirt is one of the most iconic pieces of hippy clothing kit.  This shirt is light weight and due to it’s lack of collar shows the chilled out and laid back nature of the wearer.  Wearing these shirts means your look can be both smart and casual depending on your festival clothing need.  We have added a little twist to this popular item by having them made up in patchwork material.  Each one of these fantastic patchwork grandad shirts is unique.  Although we select colour schemes,  they are made so that the patches are placed differently along with the funky printed and painted patterns that really bring these patchwork shirts to life.

Patchwork Hooded Shirts

Hippy Patchwork Shirts

hooded patchwork shirts are a great addition to any festival goers kit.  With the handy front kangaroo pocket for storing items and the hood for that little bit of extra warmth on cold nights these patchwork hooded hippy style tops great.  Each one of these patchwork tops is handmade in Nepal from colourful funky cotton material, everyone is unique.  The patchwork hooded shirts are then finished off with printed and painted artwork that really make this item very hippy.

Probably one of our most popular shirts next to the standard grandad shirt.  These hooded hippy patchwork shirts are made as above but have a fabulous hood! These

Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing and gifts are always adding more great looking patchwork clothing so have a look through our full product range to find more great patchwork clothing.