Hippy Shoulder Bags

As the saying goes ‘you can’t go to a festival without a hippy shoulder bag‘.  Ok, so we may have made this saying up but I think this rings true. Whether you are going to a festival, out for a days sight seeing or just going out for the day (or night) then our great ever expanding range of hippy style festival shoulder bags will brighten up your day.

Hippy Shoulder Bags

Hippy Shoulder BagsI think it is pretty much impossible for a lady to go anywhere without some kind of bag and on most occasions it will be a hippy shoulder bag! Shoulder bags are great for so many occasions. You can get a nice casual hippy shoulder bag that you can use for a day out shopping with friends or a nice lunch out and then we have some wonderful hippy shoulder bags that would be perfect for a night on the town and even for date night. We literally have a shoulder bag for most occasions and in a colour or style to suit most peoples favourite hippy clothing outfits. Hippy Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are great for taking the weight of your items on your shoulder instead of letting your arm take the weight like normal hand bags. What’s even better is the fact that these great looking  bags come in many funky styles and patterns. As our hippy shoulder bags are either handmade in Nepal or India they are all unique.  You will never get the same bag in the the same style due to the nature of handmade items.

We currently sell many 100% cotton shoulder bags as well a 100% recycled silk shoulder bag.

We are always looking to increase our hippy shoulder bag collection and so if you can’t find the bag you like or have ideas of a shoulder bag to match your festival clothing that you would like to see us stock then please let us know.