Hippy Snoods

Hippy-SnoodsThere is just something about the word snood that screams warmth and cosiness. Team that with an actual hippy snood and oh my goodness, heaven!! I have to say, here at hippy HQ we are loving our snoods right now – they really are so warm and are stopping up from becoming icicles in the warehouse this winter.

What is a snood?

A snood is essentially a tubular scarf. It is a single piece of knitted fabric that is designed to cover the entire neck and can even be pulled up over the back of the head and worn as a hood too. Maximum warmth, so delicious!

I have to say that I also love the name – snood! It is rather odd and is a suitable combination of the words scarf and hood. Makes sense eh?!

Usually hippy snoods are knitted so that they keep your body heat trapped within. This ensures that you get to keep it. Just what we need when we are out and about in miserable weather, or indoors in a very chilly warehouse 🙂

Mystical Mayhem Hippy SnoodsPurple Wool Hippy Festival Snood

The snoods that we have here are all made from 100% wool and have been hand knitted and hand crafted by some wonderfully skilled people in Nepal. The wool used is top quality and comes from New Zealand.
Each snood has been made using a nice big knit and great bold designs. Not only are they practical and wonderfully snug, they are also a great statement to add to your hippy clothing wardrobe. What a great way to brighten up an otherwise cold and gloomy day! Trust a hippy to add some colour to winter 😉


Another great thing about these fab hippy snoods is that unlike a normal scarf, you don’t have to worry about dangley ends or coming unravelled when you are out and about, just throw it over your head and adjust to suit you and away you go. Instant delight!

Suitable for wear by both men and women, these beauties look great with all festival clothes. You really can wear these anywhere, the choice is yours. Wear them wherever you fancy to be the envy of all around you.  Not only will you look awesome, you will be warm too.

Dress them up or dress them down, they will look fab either way. When paired with a hat and or gloves you will be super snug, and perhaps a little smug. Wearing a snood I get the same aaahhhhh feeling as I get when I sit down at the end of a long day with a nice warm cup of tea…..

So get your warm hippie clothing on and go explore.