Hippy T-Shirts

Hippy T-Shirts - Hippy Shirts/ Festival ShirtsHippy T-shirts are a classic staple of hippy’s across the globe, both male and female. This is the reason that we have such a great collection for you. T-shirts can be worn come rain or shine and look great with just about any outfit. You will be amazed at how smart these look when worn with a waistcoat!

Wonderful in the summer sun and great when you are snuggled indoors nice and warm. Our hippy T’s also make a great accompaniment under nice and toasty wool jackets and jumpers. There is no end to what you an wear them with. I know several ladies that actually cut the sleeves from T-shirts to make some fab hippy vests. Why not, if you have the skills then go for it. Us here at Hippy Clothing HQ do not! HAHA!

We really do have a fab range here for you to peruse at your leisure. Many different styles and designs for you to choose from you need not wear the same T-Shirt for quite some time.

Our T-Shirt Range

Classic Tie Dye T-ShirtsHippy T-Shirts - Short-Sleeve-Tie-Dye-T-Shirts

Now what kind of hippy store would we be if we couldn’t offer you the old faithful classic tie dye. Such a t-shirt has been associated with hippy’s since the beginning. Designed by hippy’s and worn by them too, these t’s have been around for years and are going nowhere fast. With a vast array of colours there is something for everyone.
Both bright colours and some slightly toned down, we try to cater for all tastes.

I have lost count of just how many of these beauties our very own head hippy has. He could probably wear a different one every day for a whole month. Ok so I may be exaggerating a little but it sure feels like that when it comes to the washing! I am just glad that I don’t have to iron them!

Hippy T-Shirts - Printed-Pattern-Cotton-T-ShirtsPrinted Pattern T-Shirts

Compared to our tie dye t-shirts these are much more conservative however, they are no less popular. These t-shirts only come in black or grey but, they do come with some aces printed patterns on them. Patterns such as the Om symbol which is great for reminding you to take a moment for yourself and be one with the world around you to Ganesh who is known as the remover of obstacles. Great for when you need some positivity when thinking about starting a new venture or perhaps just a new chapter in life.

As we know just how much people love our t’s and how well worn they are, we are looking to expand our range and so, watch this space for some new designs!