Hippy LoveValentines Gifts Ideas for Him

Congratulations on having that special hippy dude in your life – sweet!  Hippy gents are the best (in my humble opinion but of course I think that, I am a hippy and married a hippy)!

We don’t really celebrate Valentines in our house however there are many that do and really value the quality time that they get together on this special day.
Do you know what I think is really nice and a wonderful thing to do whether you have that special guy or not – I think it is so nice to show your appreciation to others in your life that you love in the form of an anonymous admirer. Doesn’t everyone just adore the mystery the unknown 🙂

Hippy Gift Ideas
Women are usually easier to buy for then the men I think so sorry guys and gals you all need to put your thinking hats on…. this is one of the reasons that we have put this little ideas page together for you.Hippy Jackets for Him

In all honesty, I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice item of hippy clothing – why not treat them to a new jacket and then take them out for a night on the town, or, you could prepare a romantic night in…wink,wink…

Hippy Boxes for HimMen like to think that they are tidy and don’t collect rubbish however, we know different and so, why not get them a nice wooden box that they will love and can store their nik naks in..

There are so many more ideas that I could give you but I would  be here all day and anyways, that’s what we have the website for 🙂

Ok, one more…how about some of our fun and funky musical instruments. We have a wicked rage from thumb piano’s and singing bowls through to ocarina’s andHippy Instruments guiros.

Whatever you choose and however you decide to celebrate, I am sure your other half will love it!

Have a wonderful Valentines guys.

Lots of Love xx