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Hippy Valentine’s!!!!

Hippy Wooden Hearts - ValentinesHippy Valentine’s Day!!!

For those who celebrate, (hippy’s included) Valentine’s day, also called The Feast of St Valentine,  is a celebration of love. We usually buy gifts and organise romantic day’s evenings and sometimes weekends away to show each other how we feel.

There are several stories of how and why valentines cam e about however, the most popular and the one believed to be true is that of St Valentine from Rome.  Although I do not believe that anything has been proven for sure….

St Valentine is well known as a martyr – a martyr for love. It is said that Valentine, a priest in Rome was imprisoned in 269 for performing weddings for those who were forbidden to marry,  mostly soldiers and to some  Christians. It is also said that during his imprisonment, Valentine healed the blind daughter of his jailer and then just before he was executed for his crimes we write her a letter and signed it “Your Valentine”. This is where some say that the popular sign off came from.

Apart from his name and the date of his execution, not much was known about St Valentine and to be honest as history tells it, other than the letter written to Julia which we signed Your Valentine, there are no romantic connections that can be found. The romantic notion of St Valentine actually came from Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382 with his work Parlement of Foules.

That being said, many have found tradition in the day and year after year gift their loved ones with flowers, chocolates and presents and of course Valentine’s cards. Did you know that this custom actually started in the UK?!

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s day this year? Off out for a nice romantic meal, a special weekend away or. are you having a bright and colourful hippy Valentine’s?
Or, are you spending Valentine’s day alone? I think many people feel bad about being on their own on Valentine’s but you shouldn’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong this at all so please get out of that mind set. Valentine’s day is not the be all and end all of love because, did you know, you can sat I love you any other day of the year too and surprise your loved ones with the gift of flowers and chocolates.
Maybe you don’t celebrate Valentines – that’s cool too. It is all personal preference 🙂