Hippy/Hippie Clothing Fashion

Hippy/Hippie Clothing Fashion is a huge thing these days. Not just a craze but a way of being.  As with many fashion styles it would seem that the wonderfully colourful and unique styles of the 1960’s hippy movement have again come full circle.

Hippy/Hippie Clothing Fashion

Hippy/Hippie Clothing FashionI think to some extent the hippy clothing style has always been ticking slowly away in the background of modern clothing fashions but now, it has emerged again breathing new life into an often dull clothing market.  We are quite often thanked by customers for stocking clothes that they otherwise find it hard to find.  This of course is the reason why Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing exists.

At a time when young people are unsure about their role in modern society they again turn to the individualism of self expression through the use of clothing and music.  Clothing has always played a major part in the development of ones individuality and nothing says this more then unique handmade hippy styled festival clothing.  For me since about the age of 16, the clothes on my back have been an outward expression of who I am.

When I went to my first festival I found clothing that not everybody was wearing.  It was great to get hold of something that was unique like me and couldn’t be found on the high street.  Yes I wear suits for important occasions, I even like dressing up (note that most people in society would think that my hippy clothes are more like dressing up ie. fancy dress)  once and a while but for me there is nothing better than my pair of flares and my hippy hoodie.

 So what happened in the 1960’s?

Back in the 1960’s fashion was turned on its head by the hippie movement.  A torrent of new clothing designs, cuts and colours came on to the clothing scene.  This never before seen explosion of psychedelic unique free flowing clothing completely change the fashion industry.  The hippies had something they wanted to say and they were saying it with bright expressive clothing.

As this new hippy clothing fashion became more prevalent, major high street shops starting the production of hippy styled clothing, mainly the maxi dresses and the  the mini skirts which were a Hippy/Hippie Clothing Fashionmassive hit in the main stream.  The average hippy couldn’t afford to shop in such stores.  I tend to think that this would have gone against the whole idea of the hippy fashion movement at the time.  With little money but a flare for putting together a great looking unique piece of clothing most hippies of the time made their own clothing from old jeans and pieces of material and  to be honest with a little bit of whatever they could find that they liked.  The great thing about this however impractical in today’s modern society is the unique hippy clothing that was being created and worn.

The rule of the 1960’s hippy fashion movement was simple, ‘drab, mainstream out’ and ‘bright, colourful and unique in’.  The fashion of the early 1960’s was some what conservative compared to the latter  part of the decade as hippy clothing fashion gathered momentum and fashion designers clambered on board to try and keep up with the ever changing face of hippy fashion.

Hippy Fashion

Many of the hippy fashions were based on traditional designs from India, Nepal, Central America, Bali and Morocco. We keep that tradition strong with our clothing lines being produced fairly in Nepal, India and Bali. Mystical mayhem stock a wide range on unique hippy clothing. We know that modern day hippy festival clothing doesn’t have the exact look that you would have found in the 1960’s but you have to remember that, much like most things in life, hippy clothing has evolved.

Hippy/Hippie Clothing FashionIt is still bright, colourful and unique. It still helps you to express yourself and, it still feels great wearing hippy clothing knowing that you’ve got a unique piece. Not to mention that when you walk around the corner or into a pub that, no-one else is going to be wearing the same item of festival clothing as you! They may have something similar but instead of being mortified, you should be please that there are other like minded people around!

In general most hippies were anti-fashion or to put it in a better way  they rejected the fashion industry.  Being told what to wear, what logos you should have displayed on your clothing and when to wear them was not cool man!    The fashion industry much like the music industry was seen as part of the Capitalist propaganda machine that was keeping us slaving to consume the latest fashions in clothes and music.  This is more true today than ever with the two meeting to push clothing and music together.

Main Stream Advertising

It should be said that any self respecting hippy of the 1960’s would not be seen wearing a logo.  Unfortunately now more than ever a large number of high street brands proudly show the logo on the front, back or even across the buttocks This is of course to help them advertise the product although, they’ll have you believe it so that you can proudly show to your fiends and your family that you wear that brand.

Clothing logo’s have become  part of the design of clothing taking you away from the fact that the logo is just free advertising for the company concerned.  I have nothing against people who wear this clothing as I believe ‘each to their own’ but just remember that when you next put on the piece of clothing that shouts the brand name out at people as they walk by that you have paid money to a company that is now using your body to advertise, marketing at its best.