Wiccan Wheel of the Year 2017

There are so many wonderful things for us to celebrate each year that sometime we find it helpful to have a little reminder of the festivities ahead. I mean of course, we all remember days and evenings out with friends and birthdays etc (most with the aid of calendars and smart phones these days) however there are so many other things to look forward to and to celebrate! Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing brings you a look at the year ahead.

Here goes – I will not go into loads of details as when the time comes we will give you more info via other articles with everything you need to know about each festival 🙂 ;

Imbolc – 2nd Feb 2017

Imbolc / Candlemas / Imbolg
Imbolc is also known as Bridgid, Candlemas & Imblog.
In short, Imbolc is a celebration of the passing of winter and the beginning of spring and the agricultural year. We celebrate the return and rebirth of the sun and bathe in his warmth.
We well as the passing of winter and the return of the sun, we also celebrate the Celtic goddess Bridgid. A triple goddess she is to be celebrated in all ways. She is a goddess of many things including midwifery. It is said that she delivers the sun when he is reborn. Imbolc is a time of looking forward to the year ahead and make any planned dedications.

OstaraOstara – 21st March 2017

As well as being the 2nd Spring festival of the year, Ostara is also the spring equinox, a day of equilibrium when night and day are of equal length. You could say that Ostara is the pagan, a time of great celebrations and childish abandon and wonder. Why not decorate your house with lovely baskets of flowers and some delicately painted eggs (home made of course). Ostara is the perfect opportunity to perform any working in order to gain qualities that you wish within yourself.

Beltane – 1st May 2017

Also known as May Day, Beltane is a time of fertility, sexuality, harvests and love. A wonderful holiday of union. Typically Beltane fires are lit in and outside of the home. The fires inside are symbolic of luck within the house. The fires and said luck are protected by hanging a rowan branch over the fires. The fires outside are symbolic of love and fertility. There are many a fertility ritual.
Love and commitment are key at this time of year and many handfastings are performed at Beltane festivals. This is the time that the goddess took the god as her lover and through this, life was born and it is said that the union between man and woman is the same and many babies are conceived on this magical day.

Litha – 21st/22nd June 2017

Litha is the special festival (they are all special in their own right) as it is the summer solstice the longest day of the year and also the day to give thanks to the sun god and all that he does for us throughout the year. Like Beltane, many belfires are lit during Litha as fire plays a prominent role in the festival and of course the sun. Midsummer is the perfect time to charge any crystals and wash away any negativity under the gaze of the sun god at his most powerful.

Lammas – 31st July 2017

Lammas is traditionally a time of the first harvest. The sun has shone upon the crops all season and which is now ready to harvest. The first grains are pulled and the first loaves of bread are made and shared with friends and loved ones. Rituals of Lammas will be centred around seeing the fruits of our labours unfold as we wished. Our hard work has paid off and we can relax now before the preparation for next year begin. Time to chill out, break bread and share our spoils.

Mabon – 22nd September 2017


The Autumn Equinox.  Another date of equal day and night signifying the middle of the harvest season. Mabon is a time to give that to what we have produced and achieved through the year. Give thanks to yourself and to those that have helped you and also thanks to the god and goddess and of course, mother nature! Mabon is a time for reflection.

Samhain – 31st October 2017Samhain - Halloween

Known to many as Halloween or All Hallows Eve. Samhain is  a night where we celebrate and pay our respects to those loved ones that we have lost. They say that the veil into the other side is at its thinnest on Samhain making it easier for those with the gift to contact spirits.
Samhain also signifies the end of the harvest and the end of the summer.

Yule – 21st December 2017

Yule – Winter Solstice is the time of the shortest day and the longest night.  The goddess gives birth to the new sun king. Hello Winter sun! Yule is another fire festival however is a little more intimate that its summer sister and celebrations are usually held indoors with close friends and loved ones. Yule is another of the great festivals that is strongly associated with fertility. Time for oneness and to be together.

It doesn’t matter if you are a wiccan, pagan or hippy (or all rolled into one). The year is packed full of wonderful celebrations and we are looking forward to celebrating them. We hope you have a great year and wish you all well, peace and love, The Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing team.