TechNOlogyHippy’s How to let go of your tech (even if only for a short while)

Don’t you think that technology is a wonderful tool that has come on so much over the last 20 years or so. All of the worlds knowledge (thanks to Google) is available to us in the click of a button. And, it allows us to connect with our friends and family anywhere in the world within seconds be this via telephone call, text message or email. Well there is even Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook and the likes now.  Whilst all of this is great, we at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing think that it is becoming a little too much….

All of the tech available to us really is most useful however, there is a time and a place and the time is not always and the place is not everywhere. When was the last time that you went out to a pub, restaurant or gig, took a good look around and saw people enjoying themselves without a phone in their hand. Ok, so not everyone is like this but I fear that this is what our generation is leaning towards. Quite often when we go out for dinner, there will be a family or even a coupe sat round a table and everyone will be on their phones telling anyone who cares that they are out to dinner and having a great time. COME ON! How can you have a good time with your head stuck in your phone?? I have even seen people communicating via Facebook when they are sat together in the same room. What on earth happened to a good old fashioned conversation. Grrr!
Or, there is my biggest bug bear – you are at a gig enjoying the music when all of a sudden a huge amount of people in the crowd decided to start recording the gig on their phones.
1) Now I cannot bloody see and what I can see I have to watch through your screen
2) Enjoy the moment guys, you paid for this and so why on earth do you want to watch it through your phone and also ruin the gig for others.

Technology makes people selfish and it does my head in!!!
I am not saying that as a hippy I am immune to this, not at all. I too have been seduced by technology and so has the head hippy which is why,  we now have some rules in our lives that I am going to share with you so that you too can let go of the tech in your life for a little while. Trust me, it will make you feel so much better! Don’t believe me, think tech is the be all and end all of life and that you will die if you cannot connect to FB every 2 seconds or check your emails 90 times a day. OMG what will happen if a thought pops into your head and you actually have to think about it for a while instead of just using Google for the answers… give it a try for 1 week and you really will notice a difference and start to feel so much better and much less reliant on tech.
Just follow the tips below to get your life back;

1) Understand that you do not always need your phone

In all honesty, most of us use their  phone as a time filler. Sit and work out how much time you actually need to spend on your phone each day and then work out when you use it.
I am guessing that you don’t even realise just how much you  do use it. You may think oh well I only use it for a second here and there but, if you add together all of those seconds in a day it is quite a lot. Here are a couple of examples for you to work from.
– out to dinner or coffee and the person that you are with goes to the loo – leave your phone in your pocket or in your bag and think of something else instead. Why not ponder the meaning of life instead or people watch – it is much more interesting
– off to the loo? Leave your phone somewhere else. People who take their phone to the loo with them take 3 times as long. Being alone with your own thoughts is a good thing. Use the time to really think about the important things in life.

Take up a craft or read a book instead!

2) Turn off notifications

You really do not need to know the second that someone send you an email or sends you a message on social media. If something is that important then I am sure that people still know how to make a telephone call.

3) Stop Googling Everything

Once upon a time, if we needed the answer to something we would think long and hard and ask around our friends and family but now, thought process and communication has gone out the window and Google has flown on it. Don’t get me wrong, Google can be super convenient and can give you the answer to pretty much anything but where is the fun in that. Use your brain my hippy friends and ponder for a while. If you are still stuck in a day or two then check but before you do work out if it is something that you really do need to know.

4) Leave your phone at home

When we have date night or go out to dinner and such with friends, we leave the tech at home. Usually my phone comes along just in case we have an emergency. To date, the phone just sits at the bottom of my bag feeling neglected and that ok. Checking your phone is such an interruption and breaks any connections and conversations.

5) Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When you get in from work, instead of getting straight onto your phone to see what the world is up to – put it away! Ours tend to go in a drawer from the moment we get in from work until much later in the evening where we quickly check our phones to see if anyone has called or messaged. I am not saying that you cannot use the phone at all however just bear in mind that the whole point of putting your phone away is so that you have some quiet time away from it for a while.  I am sure whatever it is that you need it for can wait.

6) Don’t look at your phone in bed

I have left this one until last as it is for most, the hardest habit to break. This hippy included. I had a terrible habit of checking the news whilst in bed in the evening and each morning. Not good. All it does is make it so much harder to allow your brain to switch off and relax. It is so much harder to drift off to sleep after looking at your phone. Instead, I now read a book or Sy and I will natter which is just so much better! Looking at your phone in the morning can be just as bad – you lose track of time and before you know it, you are running late and are now in a rush. This will raise your blood pressure and get you stressed before you have even started your day. Instead, why not take a longer shower, make a decent brekkie or even meditate and set yourself up for the day and start your day calm and confident.

For some, checking tech really can be an addiction and it really is so easy to get addicted these days as there are so many different types of tech so readily available for all budgets. Although as a society we heavily rely on tech, I think it is something that we can control all it takes is a little bit of willpower. Don’t worry the irony is not lost on me, yes you are reading an article about letting go of tech, on your tech…but hopefully this will make you think a little but more each time you go to pick up your tech.

I really am not saying that you should give up your phones, your laptops and tablets etc as we all do need these. If we want to check emails, do a bit of online shopping for hippy clothes or even check out this year’s festivals then we need to use them, all I am saying is that we should all be a little more mindful about just how much and when we use it.
Did you know that in America it has gotten so bad that there are companies that actually offer digital detox retreats for the phone family. Now that’s something to think about.

Wishing you peace, love and light my hippy friends.