Hippy’s & Paganism

Round Hand Carved Wooden PentagramI have lost count of the times that people have assumed that because I am a hippy I am a pagan.  People see our hippy clothing and are like oh, you must be a pagan.. Although the 2 often come hand in hand, they are not the same thing and in fact are very different. Being a hippy is a way of life and being pagan is a belief. I am not quite sure why people believe that they are one and the same but hey, I also don’t understand why people think the earth is flat…..

To be honest I can see where people get the idea from as many of the ideal systems are similar however, not every hippy is pagan and not every pagan is a hippy. We have covered off what being a hippy means in several previous articles and so this time we are going to briefly go into Paganism.

So, what is Paganism?

No it is not a cult and no, it is not devil worship. Now that we have the old rumours out of the way…… These were Christian rumours and in fact, Paganism out dates Christianity.
In short, paganism is a belief in the earth, humanity, mother nature, the universe and many different deities pertaining to all I have just described. It is not a dogmatic belief  meaning that it is not  inclined to lay down rules and principals that are untrue.Crystals Pagans do not believe in one god and are polytheistic – there are many gods and goddesses that are worshipped and are worshipped for their  various qualities.

The term paganism is essentially an umbrella term for many different belief systems . It is a spiritual way of life and has its origin rooted in nature religions of old.

For each and every pagan the belief system may vary depending on ancestry and locations.  For example many European pagans may include Norse, Celtic and Greek gods in their worship however this may not be the case for someone living in say China, America or Africa.

Common Beliefs

Although it will vary from person to person there are some common beliefs;

The Circle of Life – Birth, Death and then Rebirth is the belief in the immortality of the spirit and the unending circle of life. Many of us have had many many lives before this one. Some of us can recall these lives with a little help however other cannot and do not wish to know. They do however acknowledge them.

Animism – a belief that all natural objects are living and possess energies and spirit. For example, each and every stone and crystal in existence possesses its own energy and life force which is why people use them for healing etc.

Polytheism – the belief in more than one god.

Each and every person in the entire world has their own beliefs, religious or not. Whether you believe in one god, many gods or no god, we are all the same. To worship a god/s or not does not make you any better than anyone else.



Much like hippy’s, pagans are dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. We try to commune with nature and our surroundings and try to get a better understanding of the energies around us and how we can better  ourselves and help the energies of the earth and mother nature.
The main difference between the 2 is that as a rule, unless they are also pagan, hippy’s do not worship gods. If they worship anything is it people and nature.
We always try to find the good in people and help out where we can but then that really should be what all humans are about not just specific groups.
We should all aspire to be the best we be regardless of our religion of belief systems. I think more people could wear hippie clothing too. The bright and wicked funky patterns make people happy. Who doesn’t want more happiness in their lives?!!

Peace, Love & Light
Hippy & Proud
Half Pagan & Proud (just investigating and learning all about it)