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History of Collarless Grandad Shirts

Grandad shirts

So many people ask – what on earth is a grandad shirt? Well, bear with us and we will answer this for you.

The grandad shirt has been around for many many years and to be honest there are many stories on when it was first discovered and in which country.

Basically, a grandad short is a long sleeve linen or cotton collarless shirt which are coloured with vertical stripes.

The original grandad shirt  also known as the collarless shirt was originally a full button downed shirt which has been adapted over the years into the form which we sell and which is most popular today with us hippy’s. There are still full buttoned versions being sold on the high street but not like we have!

One view says that the origin of the collarless shirt was born in the 1920s and the 1930s as the blue collar workers used to go to work in a full suit and tie and found that the full collar was a little tedious and uncomfortable so they found way to drop the collar and have just the band around the top thus making a much more comfortable version of a shirt.

Another  view is that the origin is based in New York again in the 1920’s. This time it was a lady who wanted to wash the collar of her husband’s shirt separately so she cut it off and from this was born the detachable collar which was a big thing back in those days. Collars such as the wing tip were very popular with professionals of that era. Once the collar had been detached it left a small band around the neck which later became the grandad collar and became the more causal way to wear a shirt.

I have read many different stories on how the grandad shirt came about but the above two were my favourite and to be honest also the most believable.

I have to say, whoever came up with the idea and made the necessary amendments to the original shirt is a genius as they have provided us with a way to be smart yet causal. These collarless grandad shirts can be worn by both men and women.

We have a much more colourful range than any you would have found back then but hey, we are in modern times and we like colour!

We also have patchwork grandad shirts which are so popular, colourful and quite frankly gorgeous!

Hippy Patchwork Grandad Shirt