Pixie Hooded Jackets and Tops

Pixie Hooded Jackets and Tops

Pixie hoods are awesome! (She says in a sing song voice) If I had my way everything that I owned would have a pixie hood- even things that you wound’t normally have a hood on. I love them that much. Pixie hoods really do add a beautiful twist to your clothing. Not that this type of clothing needs twist to make them look great! 🙂

Pixie hoods have become so popular of late. Actually big hoods are loved right now. Although we still love regular hoods as they look great and really do add to tops and jackets, there is just something about a nice big hood that is very satisfying.

For all you pixie lovers out there we stock some fantastic jackets and tops that have nice long pixie hoods. There really is such a range for you to look at from unique embroidery jackets and tops which are one of a kind alongside brightly coloured jackets available in different styles and patterns.

Our pixie hooded jackets and tops come in 100% cotton and 100% wool varieties. We offer only the best for you guys..

Our woollen pixie hooded jackets come with warm fleece lining for help keeping those cold nights at bay. They are sooooo warm, thick and cozy that we doubt you’ll need a coat as they do the job so well.  We now even sell kids pixie hooded wool jackets so even the kids can join in with the pixie fun. They look so cute on the little ones.

Our cotton and wool pixie hooded jackets come in a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from.

All of  our hippie style pixie hooded tops are handmade in Nepal.

One thing is for sure, if you like pixie hoods even 1% of  the amount that we do, then you are in the right place!

Take a look around our hippie pixie hooded store and see for yourself.