Modern Hippy Clothing

How Hippy Clothing Has Changed - Hippy Poncho and Cord Flares
Modern Hippy Clothing

Hippy clothing has been at the forefront of alternative wear for many years.  The hippie movement of the 1960’s changed the way people look at themselves.  In many cases for the first time, people were fighting the norm and standing up to being different.  People had realised that being different was not a bad thing. Being able to express yourself was freeing and exhilarating. Clothing has, to my mind, always been one of the most outwardly open ways of expressing yourself.
How hippy clothing has changed since the 60’s…..

What we wear can become to each individual, an open statement of the way you feel inside. Of course, the hippie movement of the 1960’s and the hippie clothing associated with it were not just solely based on expression.  At the time to save money, many students would buy second hand clothes and embellish them. They would add patches, ribbons and extra pieces of material to turn once humdrum items into something new and exciting.  This of course, meant that you were also recycling the old, helping stop the constant need to always buy new.  Don’t get me wrong, some hippies of the 60’s were happy in simple jeans (some times flares) and a t-shirt or top but there were always the more extravagant among them that wanted something a little different.


How Hippy Clothing Has Changed - Mr & Mrs Mystical Mayhem
Modern Hippy Tie Dye Clothing

For women, the garments of choice were comfort as well and beauty. Fun swooshing dresses or long flowing skirts accompanied with simple tops were popular. All finished with flowers in their hair (which is just as popular now as it was then).

The men like comfort too. A simple short sleeve top or a funky long sleeve flowery shirt finished off with a good old pair of jean flares.  Simple waistcoats as well as tie dye t-shirts where also included in many peoples outfits.

If you look back, it was all about being comfortable in what you were wearing just as much as it was about expression. Life is about being comfortable, not just in what you wear but also in your own skin.

Modern hippy clothing hasn’t changed much regarding the ideas.  The use of bold colours and flowing garments are still heavily in use.  The clothing cuts have changed as fashion always moves on however, fashion does always make a point of circling back around even now and again.  Hippy clothing is one of these fashions that tend to come back with a bang as people find themselves at more festivals falling into the spirit of being, if only for a small period, a little more free. In all honesty, although trends tend to dip out and then back in, we find hippy is not so much a trend but as a way of life. Once a hippy, always a hippy! I’m a massive fan of flares so have always made it a point to track down these elusive and iconic hippie pieces of must have clothing.


How Hippy Clothing Has Changed - Modern Hippies
Modern Hippies: Left is purple cord flares and African Kaftan

People in the modern world don’t have the time they once did for making or adjusting their clothing. With the advent of smart phones and social media, many people spend  hours of their day glued to their screens. Sad but true! This is why the modern hippy clothing styles try and reflect the individualism that was once so prominent in the 1960’s. A time when making your own clothes or, adjusting second hand clothes was such a big thing.  For example we sell many handmade embroidery style clothes that due to the embroidery work and the way the clothing is dyed manages to maintain a unique appearance. Thus making each piece individual as if you had made it yourself. We have a range of embroidered clothing for the more reserved and for those who like life bright and bold.

One thing is for sure and that’s if you love the hippy clothing style, and find the fashion really suits your expression and way of life, then there are plenty of great choices out their for the modern hippy.  Whether you love embroidery tops or funky baggy trousers, tie dye and long flowing skirts you will find that there really is such a wide choice. There is something for everyone.  So, even though the clothing may have changed since the glorious hippy days of the 1960’s, we still think hippy clothing has a lot to offer people who are searching for individual fun and funky looking clothing.  If any of our clothing has inspired you to make your own clothing then please let us know as we would love to hear from people who make their own clothing.



What does it mean to be a modern hippy?

Well I think that nowadays the meaning is a lot different to how it was in the 60’s.  These days, being a modern hippy has a lot to do with your dress sense. People automatically label anyone in this kind of clothing as a hippy. Sometimes the word hippy comes with the stigma that to be labelled such means that you are lazy. It is assumed that you don’t have a job and that you don’t shower. Oh and don;t forget that you walk around all day  saying “peace man”. Well, this is not the case.  I think from experience that many people that wear this kind of clothing do tend to be more spiritual and open minded, of course like with anything there are always exceptions to the rule.

In a society that is hell bent on people conforming to be the same, I think its great that so many still want to keep their individualism. You do not have to change who you are to wear hippy clothing. Hippie clothing asks nothing from you! As more and more people realise what it means to be a modern hippy and think a little differently to what is considered the norm, the stigma is dropping. People realise that we are just normal people who don’t want to be like everyone else.

We maybe a little eccentric (I know I can be) but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. People with jobs, friends and responsibilities all call themselves hippies some may even be hippies and don’t even know it.  It doesn’t really matter as long as you are happy with who you are then that is all that really counts.  As Bob Marley once said ‘Be Happy, Don’t Worry’.

Be Yourself

We are huge fans of the bygone era and wear nothing but hippy clothes ourselves. We really wouldn’t have it any other way. It is our dream to be able to inspire people to express themselves. What better way to express yourself than via beautiful , bright and individual funky threads!

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing – “Making the world a brighter place, one piece of clothing at a time!”