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How to Bring the Festival Vibe Home

festival-flags-garden-party (2)Summer is over and so (pretty much) is the festival season. But there are ways to bring the vibe home and stay chilled (but cosy) until summer rolls around again.

Festivals are more popular than ever. We love them because of the music. We love feeling connected to a tribe of like-minded folks. We love that we get to have fun and be ourselves, with no deadlines, schedules or rules to interfere with our free spirits. We love the tasty food and funky clothes. But most of all, we love being a hippy – fun-loving and carefree – especially if we only get to let our (unwashed) hair down on those muddy, musical weekends. So don’t let that festie feeling go. Here are five simple ways to bring the festival vibe into your daily life:

1. Flower garlands and fairy-lights

Nothing says festival like bright flower headdresses on long, flowing hair. It may not be flower-power season any more, but you can still go floral in your home. Try filling vintage vases and old jam jars with bunches of bright flowers – real or artificial. Fairy lights are just as important. Not only do solar-powered lights help you find your tent in the dark, they also look fantastic in hippies’ homes. Wrap them around mirrors or fill coloured glass bottles with strings of lights for added glow.

2. Bunting, bunting and more bunting!

Bunting is essential for jazzing up your festival tent or tipi. But don’t pack it away for the winter. Drape it across your curtain poles or hang it up in your garden for winter gatherings. Yes – winter gatherings! If you can, invest in a fire-pit for your garden, to keep you warm during chillier months. Just think of all the stargazing you can do on crisper nights. All you need is a friend with an acoustic guitar, plenty of layers and some mulled mead. Heaven!

3. Be creative

Sometimes the only time we find to get arty, creative and silly is at festivals. Why not play with some of your favourite festival activities – paint with bright colours, get crafty, buy a giant bubble wand or experiment with face-paints. Why not channel the healing field at your fave festival and meditate, dance, do some yoga or book yourself in for a lovely massage. We all deserve some r&r, especially in the darker months.

4. Wear what you want!

Festivals are amazing because they give us permission to wear the clothes we really love, whether multi-coloured, tie-dye, fringed, vintage, boho, tribal or patchwork. Why do we stop when we come home? OK, so maybe you can’t get away with harem pants at work. But when you’re home you can relive the festival magic every day of the week in your favourite dresses, hats and comfy jumpers. Don’t forget your poncho!

5. Eat something delicious

Festivals spoil us with the best food and drink from all over the world. But don’t miss out now that the nights are drawing in. Get some friends over for a festival-inspired dinner party (you’ll be sitting on the floor of course – colourful cushions and throws are a must). Start with a trendy Indian street food such as aloo paneer tikki, before moving on to an Indonesian or Thai veggie curry with plenty of coconut milk. Finish with warm chai and raw chocolate – you’ll feel like you never left the festival!

So there you have it – our guide to beating the post-festie blues. Summer will soon be here again and you’ll be packing your tent, woolly socks and kaftans in no time. See you there!