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How to Create the Perfect Hippy Look - Hippy WomanWelcome to our hints and tips on how to create the perfect hippy look. The hippy style is so popular these days amongst both the ladies and the gents. There are those of us who have been hippies for years and then others who are just discovering the look. One of the several advantages to hippie clothing is that is is all amazingly comfortable. You can be sure of comfort and sure that you will look great!

Whether you’re a lifelong hippy who’s spent your life touring with The Grateful Dead, or you’re a convert to the lifestyle (young or old), it is never a bad idea to get a few hints and tips on how to maximise your look. I mean let’s face it, since when did we need an excuse to shop!!

People assume that being a hippy means avoiding mainstream clothing – I would say that this is correct to a certain extent. The aim is to avoid the clothing made by the big companies on the high streets. Sticking to the smaller companies whose clothing is not mass produced will help you to define yourself. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing you can find your own unique hippie style and be yourself. We’ve come up with a few things that may help. We want to help show you how to create the perfect hippy look – your perfect hippy look!

The time of year tends to dictate the kind of clothing that you can wear however this does not mean that come winter you have to wear boring and mundane clothing. This style clothing can be worn all year round.

One you know the principals on how to create the perfect hippy look, it is easy peasy!

Used and Up-cycled ClothingHippy Tie Dye

Not everyone can afford new clothing all year round. When these times come around, I find that charity shops are fantastic. You can grab some absolute bargains and often garments that were actually worn by the original hippies. The great thing about used clothing is that you can experiment and adapt. Why not try adding some rips or some patches. You could even try adding some embroidery work of your own and really make it yours. Why not try a tie dye makeover? You may get messy but it will be fun and the end result – something truly unique.

When it comes to the point when you can buy yourself something shiny and new, if you have come to love items that have a past, we have a wonderful range made from recycled saris. From flowing dresses and skirts through to stylish scarves.

How to Create the Perfect Hippy Look - Faux Fur WaistcoatLayers

Layers are also a great way to add some depth to an outfit. They work for men and women and they look fab! There are an infinite number of options for you to try.

Waistcoats are amazing for layering as they can sit atop anything. Try them with a floaty blouse, a smart shirt or even just a causal t.
Vests as they are known in other countries across the globe were super popular in the 60’s and 70’s. They would be made from many different materials from fake fur to denim. Why not take a look at some footage of festivals old and take a look at what they used to wear. Janis Joplin used to love wearing them..
Long short, patchwork or embroidered, if you can think of it, they exist.

How about layering a skirt over some trousers – a look that has continued through the years that never gets tired. It has survived not only the hippy era but the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s too. Lets see how far we can take it. Try experimenting and layering different things. Go for contrasting colours and bold patterns and see how they look.

Throw In Some Baggy Oversized Items

The key is to avoid anything too tight. Now don’t get me wrong as fitted clothing is so flattering and look wonderful but, it doesn’t always work. The aim is to give off a carefree and comfortable appearance and sometimes, to achieve this you need something nice and loose. A nice pair of baggy trousers can not only look great but they can also offer max comfort on warm sunny days. Ali baba trousers are great for extra room. The low crotch means that they are often mistaken for skirts.
Oversized blouses and jumpers are great when you can wear them off the shoulder over vest tops. They offer up a relaxed look.
Dashiki shirts are also another great example as they are designed to be worn nice and baggy, just like they wear them in Africa.

Bell Bottoms AKA Flares

There are many items of clothing that say’s hippy but, these beauties scream hippie. A classic staple of hippy clothing. You can still buy them as they come in and out of fashion however, it is fun to make your own too. It is surprisingly easy, with the help of the internet, to adapt a pair of jeans that you already own. Anyone can turn a pain or boring jeans into bell bottoms. Essentially you are just widening the legs. And, in true hippie style, I would highly recommend using a different pattern for the additional panels to make then that little bit different. Wikihow have some great tutorials!

Choose Long Tunics and Blouses How to Create the Perfect Hippy Look - Indian Print Tunic

Choosing long tunics and blouses over the short alternative opens up many more options for you. If you opt for long, you can choose to wear them as a dress which is a classic hippy look or, you can pair them with a nice pair of flares or some colourful leggings. There are many variations that you can go for. The variations work for any and every occasion.

Go for loose fitting with pleasant patterns. Look for traditional patters from places such as India and Thailand for inspiration. Bold or subtle, you choose the look that works best for you.
This is more of a tip for the ladies however I know men that wear dresses so there is no need to rule them out at this stage!


How to Create the Perfect Hippy LookClassic hippie style foot wear is of course bare feet. There is nothing lovelier than feeling the bare earth beneath your toes, the tickle or grass or even warm sand. Unfortunately though the worlds surface does not consist only of these wonderful things. The majority of the ground that we walk upon is concrete and the likes which can make bare tootsies a little difficult and often times painful.

For the sunnier days, choose flip flops or sandals. you can go for plain or embellished – shells and all things natural are a good look. We are all about nature after all. When it comes to shoes neutral colours are best as they will go with all of your outfits. That’s not saying though you have to go for dull. If you want to go for bold colours then do it. Being a hippy means that you can wear what you like after all.

For the cooler days, boots are a must. Mixing in a little bit of rock works well with a nice pair of DM’s. I think every hippy that I know has at least one pair and let me point out that they are not black..

AccessoriesWearing Flowers in Your Hair

When it comes to accessories, anything goes.  Accessories range from bangles and necklaces through to headbands, hats and even your sunglasses.
There is a misconception that all hippy folk have long hair – not true but for those that do, try a nice headband across your head to keep the locks in place. Dreadlocks if you can handle them are also a great accessory, they look great and there is no end to the amount of beads that you can add to them.

Try putting some flowers in your hair to complete your look. All topped off with a pair of round glasses Lennon style, or perhaps a style that I much prefer, oversized sunnies.
All of these accessories and anything else that you can think of, really can compliment and complete any hippy clothing outfit that you choose.

So, there you have our advise on how to create the perfect hippy look. Experiment and have fun!