Creating Your Own Hippy Space

I think that no matter what, no matter how much we love our husbands, wives and children etc, sometimes, we just need 5 minutes on our own with no interruptions. A few minutes of peace and quiet to collect our thoughts, take a deep breath and regroup. In this day and age when we are all so busy it is super, super important to have a place where we can go for time to ourselves. A place where we can feel relaxed and comfortable if even only for 2 minutes. Everyone needs that special hippy place.

So, what do you need to be able to create your own hippy space – in all honesty not a lot. In fact in reality, you don’t need anything at all other than somewhere you can be alone for a time. Once you have that space, if you are able, you can decorate and add things to make you feel more comfortable and at peace.  This space is all about you.

When I use the term hippy space, many people automatically think meditation – if you meditate then absolutely, you can use your own hippy space for just that but, it is all about you and what makes you relaxed and chilled.
Depending on what mood I am in, my happy hippy place gets used for many things – here are a list of things that I do in my space, perhaps it may help you with some ideas;

 – Read a book – I could read all day long if only I could get away with it. I love to read all kinds of books, again, all depending on my mood. Nothing better than a nice cuppa and a book. Ok so, there are better things but……

 – Knit – It seems that everyone is having babies at the moment and so I thought it would be a great time to learn to knit so that I can make some cute little booties for everyone

 – Colouring In, Crafts, Sewing, Embroidery – all of these things are said to focus and calm the mind and I know I certainly find it to be true. Even if I can just spend a few minutes on one or the other I feel so much more relaxed after.


 – Meditate – cliché I know but yes, I am a hippy and I meditate. I have such a busy mind that I need to . I am only just starting out however so it is all very new to me and I only spend about 15 minutes a day so far.

 – Just sit – sometimes, often actually, we are so busy that I don’t really have much time left at the end of the day and so I think it is nice to get a nice brew and just sit. Yes that’s it, just sit. I curl up on my favourite chair by the plants and just have a cup of tea. Bliss!!!

Quite often, each of the suggestions above are done in different places. A hippy space really does not have to be confined to one place. Move around, roam and be comfortable. Make your whole house your hippy place and your garden too if you have one. Quite often though it is not always possible to go to any spot in your house to find peace and calm which is why we suggest that you pick one spot for now where you know it will be possible and claim it.

At the moment, my favourite hippy space in the big multicoloured armchair in our kitchen, right by the patio doors and lots of plants. From here I can bath in the sunlight/or moonlight and be super comfortable. We want to convert the spare room into a dedicated hippy space and we are just deciding how to do it. I am thinking some nice comfy chairs and cushions – ultimate comfort. That was the head hippy and I can have our own time out when we choose. Of course wearing nice flowing hippy clothing helps to relax when we are enjoying our quiet time. Meditation here I come – perhaps I may try some crystal work too. Who knows?! Take advantage of your hippy space and try new things.

Here are a few suggestions of places that you can make your own hippy space;

House – do you have a spare room in your house or even an area in one room that can be vacated to make room for you and only you – unless of course you wish to share your time – to be honest depending on the time of day and who you share your house with it can be absolutely any room.

Garden – the garden is a great place to relax.  Grab a couple of cushions and sit in the sun. Soak up that vitamin d. Sunshine is good for the soul – take in the smell and the sounds and you will find yourself smiling and relaxed in no time. Then, when you need some shade, why not make yourself a little fort – you know how 🙂
So, what if it is raining, can’t use the garden then right? Wrong! Get yourself a small cheap tent (you may even have one already) put it up, fill it with warm blankets and cushions and lie back and listen to the rain pattering on the tent. Awesome.

Hippy TreesLocal Park/Forest/Woods – your space does not have to be somewhere you sit stationary. If you feel at ease and relaxed talking a walk in the woods, by the river or sea, anywhere really, then take advantage. Go for a nice walk and take in some fresh air and take in the local wildlife – bliss.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that you can make any place special to you and use that special feeling to your advantage to take time out for yourself. I cannot stress how important this is. We become so wrapped up in the lives of others, helping others and spending time with others that we can often neglect ourselves. Each and every one of us needs some TLC and time for ourselves. It may not be possible every day but as long as we can recognise when our bodies and minds need a time out and take action then life will be a better place for us all. We will be less stressed and our minds a little less frazzled.

Take note of what your body and mind are telling you. If you are proactive this will help later in life more than if you only focus on being reactive as and when your soul is shouting at you to rest up.

Peace, Love and Light xx