Hippy BuntingOne of the great things about being a hippy is the willingness to try and make things for ourselves and others in as many bright and beautiful colours as we can.
You have all heard the saying “Let your Freak Flag Fly” right? well it is a metaphorical saying which basically means be yourself and don’t hide who you are. You may be a little different but sod it, let your true colours fly free.

Although this is just a saying, why not create your own physical freak flags and let them fly proud around your home and garden with your very own homemade hippy bunting. Traditionally bunting us made using a triangular (flag) shape however, you can create your bunting to look exactly how you like using the exact colours and shapes that you like. Most hippy’s love a bit of bunting and so, we have created this article to show you how to make your own.

Why would you display bunting around your home and or garden – well, people think that bunting is just used for decoration during celebrations. Although this is correct it can also be used to jazz up any area that you want all year round. It doesn’t have to be for any reason other than you want to!

Just follow the instructions below and you will see just how easy and fun  it can be to make your own hippy bunting;

What you need

 – Material – if you don’t have a roll of material or any spare material, I would suggest using fat quarters **

 – Fabric Scissors

 – Pins

 – Thread

 – Ruler

 – Sewing Machine – unless you plan on sewing by hand

 – Ribbon


1) Start off by making your template – we recommend 20cm (7.9in) wide by 20cm (7.9in) deep. This will give you nice sized flags

2) Once you have cut out your template and decided how many flags you are going to make you can start cutting them out. You will need 2 for each flag – 1 front and 1 back so, to make 6 completed flags you will need 12 pieces

3) Once you have cut your material flags, place your first piece of fabric on a table face up with the bold side facing you, then lay out the 2nd piece face down so that the right sides are together and then you will need to pin along the 2 longest sides.

4) Sew a 1cm seam along the edges (will make a V shape|) leaving the top section open as you are going to need to leave room to turn the pieces through.

5) Trim off any excess material and then turn the flag inside out – you may need to use something pointy to help you with the thinnest point – a knitting needle works well.

6) Repeat steps 3-6 until you have all of your flags

7) Lay all of your flags out on the ribbon – lay the first on the ribbon so that it sits just under half way down. lay the next flag about 10cm and repeat for the rest of the flag ensuring that you leave a long piece at either end.

8) Fold the top half of the ribbon over the flags and pin in place and sew in place

9) To stop the ends of the ribbon fraying you have 2 options. You can either burn the edges with a lighter or, you can fold the end over twice and then sew.

Congratulations!!! You have just completed your bunting,. Well done! See that wasn’t hard no was it?! Now that you are an expert on traditional bunting, why not experiment with some different shapes and sizes. You can find all sorts of templates online and also fat quarters come in so many different bright and funky colours in many different designs so go crazy my fellow hippy’s and have some fun. Life is always better with bunting which is even better when homemade.

Bunting can be used for so many occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, Christening – anything that you want to celebrate to be honest. Or, you can make and decorate everything with bunting because you can and because it makes you happy!

**to make things a little cheaper, instead of buying material, if you have any hippy clothes that you no longer use then why not recycle these and use the material from your funky well loved hippy clothing to make your new hippy bunting!