Indian Hippy Clothing

Indian Hippy Clothing - Acrylic PonchoIndia has always been an inspiration in the world of hippy clothing.  You can see why to be honest as the styles, patterns and colours are just stunning!
When the Beatles visited India in the 1960’s it really opened the world to the different cultural aspects of Indian life.  I’m not saying the Beatles were the first to ever shed light on Indian fashion and spiritualism but… They were so popular that they gave a massive helping hand. Sometimes all it takes is someone under the spotlight to like or to become an advocate of something. The rest of the world sees and the trend begins..

Our hippie clothing takes heavy influence from the 1960’s hippy movement and the clothing that was inspired from such places as India.

Our Indian Suppliers

One of our suppliers (who over the years has become a good friend) is from India.  Thankfully for us, his means he has first hand knowledge of the clothing styles and fashions. Being a native he also speaks the language. Speaking the language is a great help when arranging for our clothes to be put into production.  Mixing business with pleasure, he travels to India 4 or 5 times a year. This is so that he can stay in contact with the people who produce our wonderful Indian Hippy Clothing range. This also means he can check up and make sure our fair trade clothes really are fair trade. He can visit the the people producing the clothes to make sure that the staff are being treated fairly and work in a happy environment.

Our Indian Range Indian Hippy Clothing - Recycled Sari Pixie Hem Dresses

Not only is the clothing inspired by Indian cultures, much of it is also made in India. Some of our most popular ranges in store are Indian inspired. It seems that our customers just cannot get enough!

One of our most popular Indian hippy clothing ranges is made from recycled sari’s. Sari’s are garments worn by women in India for casual and ceremonial purposes. There are of course different styles and types or sari’s however, usually they are all made of the same materials. They are often made from a wide range of beautiful silk and synthetic materials. Soft and silky on the skin makes for maximum comfort.

Instead of these beautiful items being thrown away when the wearer has no more use for it they are instead recycled. They fabric is cut and and turned into wonderful items such skirts, dresses and tops. As each of these beautiful garments is handmade and made from varying sari’s, each one will be unique. You will never find two the same which is just the way we like it.

Not Just Clothing

Indian Hippy Clothing - Hippy ThrowsIt is not just stunning clothing that we get from India, there is a whole range of other goodies.

Items in particular include our wonderful cotton throws which are all handmade in India.
These fabulous cotton throws are available in so many designs and colours that you will be hard pressed to choose just one that you like. Each one has been individually hand pressed via a process called screen printing.  Each throw is laid on a flat surface and then printed using a massive board containing the pattern.  These are then hand pressed onto the cotton to produce finished product. They are great for brightening up your living space.

We hope that you love the ranges as much as we do. We hope to be able to continually bring you great hippy clothing from India for many years to come.