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It’s High Time for Hats

Being a bald man means the first thing I reach for when the weather turns cold is my hat, it’s funny really as the first thing I reach for when it gets warm and sunny is also my hat, turns out being bald also means you can have a whole new fashion accessory.  Of course the ladies love donning nice winter hats as well and as the long summer days turn to shorter colder autumn and winter days hats are a vital part of any hippies clothing kit.

Hats make the perfect accessory, they add style and colour while at the same time providing much needed warmth on a cold day.  I must confess I have always been a big fan of hooded wool jackets as they have a nice big hood that’s fleece lined and great for putting up over your head in the cold, the bigger the hood the better in my opinion.  But I well know that there are many men and women alike who just don’t like the idea of hoods and so for them hats are the way forward.


The great thing about hippy clothing is you will never find a lack of hats to perch on your head.  The Nepalese are masters of the wool hat, whether it’s one of those over the ear hats or a fun and funky bobble hat these guys have got the knitted wool hat down to a fine art.  The above picture showcases one of our most popular wool and recycled silk dread, dreadlock hats.  These beauties are perfect for anyone wanting the dreaded look but without all the hassle of looking after real dreads.  Each hat is made from a mix of wool and recycled silk really making a unique fun and funky hat that also helps keep you nice and warm.

We have just come back from a weekend in North Wales and boy do you need a hat when you are walking through those mountains.  The scenery is outstanding but it does get a little nippy.  I decided to go with one of our new wool beanie hats.  These hats are made from a lovely warm wool that has a nice fleece lining to help you stay warm, the hat sits snugly over my ears and provided instant relief from the cold winds.  I found that due to the stretchy material I could also shape the back of the hat folding it over itself so it didn’t sit high in the air.


When it comes to winter hats I always go with wool however I have noticed that quite a lot of people still like going for cotton hats.  Lets face it whether the hat is made from cotton or wool it is still really going to help with the cold.  One hat that seems to be popular is our Thai rim hats, these great summer hats also provide a great layer of warmth in the winter months and they come in some very bright and funky colours. The cotton lining helps make the hat feel more comfortable and also helps by adding that extra layer.  Probably more suited to a night out on the town instead of a walk in the mountains though, we’re not hear to judge so do what you want as long as you stay warm.
Hippy headbands are a perfect light weight option to wearing a full blown hat.  These fleece lined wool headbands are aimed at women due to the style of knitting involved.  They are made of a circle band of wool that sits snugly on the head to cover the ears and provide warmth around the forehead.  The inside is fleece lined so no wool is rubbing against your head which makes for a comfy fit.  It’s surprising how warm a headband can be but they really do help and look great at the same time.  We have about six colours to choose from so you have a nice choice.



Why Hats?
For me I know that as soon as my head is covered I feel instantly warmer, I was even walking around with as short sleeve top on for some of the weekend as my hat gave me so much warmth, whether this was just me being  warm, stupid or ballsy? Your guess is as good as mine but one thing I can tell you is that wearing a hippy hat really does help keep the cold at bay.  So whether you are walking around the shops starting to do the dreaded Christmas shopping (I know I said it but I’m not the first), taking a walk up a Welsh mountain or just taking the dog for a walk on a cold day we think a hippy hat will probably help not only keep you warm but help you look super hippy as well.     We have loads of hippy hats ranging from full wool to cotton, so come summer or winter you can keep cool and stay warm in our funky hats.