Kaftans are awesome. Fact! Well, they are in our opinion anyways. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we strongly believe in the magical powers of the kaftan and believe that all hippies should own one if not more.


KaftansNot convinced that a kaftan is for you… let me explain why they should be and why everyone should have one…..Lets start with what a kaftan actually is – in short a kaftan is usually described as a long overdress (overdress does not mean a dress it just means that it is worn over other clothing), usually reaching all the way down to the ankles. The sleeves of a kaftan can be either long or short.

In many different cultures and religions kaftans are worn as part of rituals and for formal occasion wear. You would be able to tell by the materials used if the occasion was formal or casual. A silk kaftan for example would be for formal use.  It used to be in some cases (and still is with some cultures) that the colours of you kaftan and the way in which it was decorated depicted your rank in society. For example, bright colours and jewels were a sign that you were regarding very highly in society.  This was most common with the Ottoman sultans through the 14th – 17th century.

Over the years in the western societies, kaftans have gained such popularity for their exoticism and are now worn and highly revered n many countries. Kaftans first became well loved by hippies, and a massive part of the hippy clothing movement in the 60’s ad 70’s and were usually brought back to home countries by hippy’s that had travelled the hippie trail. Of course as with the western society, we have adapted kaftans to suit our styles.
Another popular item of clothing that came from the hippy trail was the kaftan style dashiki shorts (which we also sell).

Wearing your Kaftans Kaftans

Kaftans really can be worn for any occasion by both men and women. Off to a festival, why not try a nice, brightly coloured kaftan. Off out to dinner or a wedding even – try one of our embroidered kaftans. We have many different types of kaftans to suit different needs. They are just perfect also for if you want to lounge around the house. They are super comfortable! Depending on the style of the kaftans that you have in your festival clothing wardrobe, for the ladies, they can be dressed up with a belt and some heels for a beautiful hippy look.

The kaftans that we sell come in a variety of styles, colours and are made from varying materials. We have soft cotton and lovely rayon. All of our hippy clothing kaftans have been handmade in Thailand and are excellent quality. Why not come and have a look at what we have to offer. We are always looking to extend our range of hippy kaftans so keep checking back with us.