Keeping Cool in Crop Tops

Crop-Top-Group-04.07.2018Well, finally it seems like the summer is here, wohoo!, and what says summer more than brightly coloured hippy crop tops…. There is nothing nicer than having the sun shine down on us warming our skin. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that the sun makes us happier?!  

As soon as the sun comes out we are automatically happier and cheerier. It truly is good for the soul.
The same can be said for wearing nice bright clothing that makes us smile. Smiling releases endorphins which makes you happy.. See, hippie clothing really does make people happy!

What is a Crop Top?

A crop top can take may forms however, the main things that tell a cropped top apart from a standard top is the fact they they are styled to be shorter and stop just above the midriff. The idea of crop tops is to show off a little skin and usually the belly button. More often than not they are worn in the warmer days, as I am sure that you can appreciate, they can get a little chilly. They can however be worn over longer tops for a layered effect if you prefer.

Cropped tops have been worn around the globe for a very long time and for varying reasons. One of the first recorded crop tops to be worn was in 1893 at Chicago’s World Fair. It wasn’t until the 1930’s and 40’s that they started to be seen a little more. Partially due to the fabric rationing in World War II and partially due to new fashions being worn. Crop tops became much more widely accepted during the 60’s and 70’s and were worn by varying celebrities. They really took off though in the 80’s thanks to the movie flashdance. Flashdance saw them become very popular workout clothing. Now of course, they are again, a huge part of hippy clothing.

In addition to festival clothing, hippy crop tops make up parts of many costumes –  belly dancers costume for example. The whole point of abelly dancer is to be able to see their belly dance. I have to say that looks like great fun! Don’t you think???

Our Cop Tops

Keeping Cool in Crop Tops - Thai Patterned Crop Tops

You can find a whole range of crop tops in the high street stores however, nothing like what we have here for you at Hippy HQ. We have lots of different styles of hippy tops here all depending on what you like.

Open Back cropped tops – these beauties are one of our best sellers and come in a variety of designs. They are sleeveless and sit just above the bellybutton. The back as you can guess is open which looks just gorgeous. Not totally open of course but just the lower part. The back is lower than the front to allow for the open back. They enable you to show off skin without showing too much..

Keeping Cool in Crop Tops - Tropical-Tie-Crop-TopTie crop tops – these are kind of like a short shirt. With t-shirt style sleeves, they have a button up front which then ties at the bottom. The ties give a great a stylish effect which makes them very well loved. Very 70’s.

Although they are mainly worn in the summer, I don’t see why they cannot be worn in  the colder days but with a vest of sorts underneath. One of the many joys of hippy clothing is that you can wear what you want when you want!