Mala Beads

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mala meditation beadsMala beads are traditional beads used in meditation and originally made from wood. They originate from India and where first thought to have been created around 3000 years ago to aid with a meditation style called ‘Japa’ which means ‘to recite’. The mala bead has it’s roots deeply entwined with Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga and is still used widely today to help with meditation practices that involve mantras.

By focusing the mind on moving from one bead to another while reciting the mantra the mind and stay focused on that one thing and with practice can reach a state of meditation.

What does Mala Mean?

In Sanskrit the term ‘mala’ means ‘mediation garland’. Other words you might hear associated with mala beads are things like ‘rosary’, ‘necklace’ or ‘bracelet’. This is because mala beads are often worn like the aforementioned.

How many beads on a Mala?

Each set of mala beads has 108 beads, it is said that in Buddhist teaching that the 108 beads represent the 108 invisible threads leading from each person to the divine. There is one bead that is known as the summit or head bead which we call a ‘sumeru’, this bead sits in the central position of the rosary, once you have reached this bead you should stop and go back the other way if you wish to continue with your mediation. It is said that the energy of the Japa is stored in this bead and after meditation you should touch this bead to your forehead.

How to use Mala Beads

mala meditation beadsUsing mala beads is very easy. Traditionally mala’s are held in the right hand and draped over the middle finger. Holding the first bead between thumb and middle finger you recite the mantra and then using your thumb slide to the next bead. It is said that touching the beads with your index finger should be avoided as this is meant to represent your ego which is believed to be the greatest obstacle in attaining enlightenment. As mentioned above; once you have made your way around to the last bead you can either stop your meditation or continue by going back the same way you have come from.

Mala beads are a great way for us hippies to meditate, they provide a form of focus and so aid the meditation process. Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing offer a variety of mala bead options from traditional wood to gem stone. We hope you find what you are looking for.