Fair Trade Mexican Jerga Baja Jackets Tops


Fair Trade Mexican Jerga Baja Tops

Mystical Mayhem Clothing has a wide selection of these great Mexican hooded tops.  ‘Jerga’ is pronounced with a ‘H’ instead of the ‘J’ making the word sound more like ‘Herga’.
Each Mexican Jerga is handmade in  Baja California Mexico which is where the Jerga originated from. Made by Baja locals and purchased by visiting surfers and hippy’s. It was when these Jergas were taken back across to America that they started to become more popular and it would seem that the popularity has now spread worldwide – which is great for us as they are great and great for the producers.
The more popular these babies become, the easier it is for us to add more and more colours and sizes into the mix so that you can have more choice and are more likely to find that perfect Jerga.

These brilliant Mexican Jerga Baja jacket hoodie tops come with a front kangaroo pocket and hood. Made from 50% cotton and 50% acrylic you will find these jackets feel great and last a long time. When we say a long time, we really do mean a long time, We have know them to survive 10 years plus when well cared for. These Jerga hoodies really are rather hard wearing making them a super good purchase.

 We currently stock up to four sizes ranging from Medium up to XXLarge across many colours to which we are always adding new.  We believe choice is key giving our customers the choice to pick the colour Jerga they really want instead of being left with a small selection of tops.  I have heard people say that sometimes the more choice you have it is harder to choose. That may be the case but I would rather spend a little longer finding that perfect Jerga that picking quickly and not 100% loving it.

‘Jerga’ is pronounced with a ‘H’ instead of the ‘J’ making the word sound more like ‘Herga’ .