Music FestivalsWhat is a music festival?

A music festival is many, many things however, primarily it is a large gathering of people all with the common purpose in mind of listening to as many amazing live bands as they can whilst having a fun time with friends and family. It is however often said if you remember what bands you saw then you weren’t really there. This was always a common saying about Glastonbury festival as there is so much more to do, you could spend the whole festival without seeing a single band and still have loads of fun dancing around in your hippy clothing.

The set up of a music festival is usually quite immense. Firstly you have to find the right location – every festival would have been through this at the very beginning. This is key as all music festivals will have more than one stage for the bands to play on and this takes up lots of space. You also need to make sure that there are facilities on site such as toilets etc. There are always food stalls, hippie clothing stalls, craft stalls and more often than not these days some king of tent which is a convenience store so that you can buy the essentials should you run out. Many music festivals now also have several different fairground rides and entertainment areas going on so that the crowds are kept amused between bands. As well as all of this, there will need to be a camping area for people to stay. See what I mean, the set up is immense.
Take Glastonbury for example – capacity of 177,000 just for camping. The biggest music festival in the world takes place on 900 acres of land and is a mile and a half across with a perimeter of approx 8.5 miles. Wow!

Glastonbury Pamoramic
attribute By Brian Marks [CC BY 2.0 (httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby2.0)], via Wiki

This is one of the reasons that a music festival is a wonderful thing as it takes so much love and commitment to put together.
Once you have the venue sorted, you then have to get the bands to agree to play and let’s be honest, we all want to go and spend the weekend listening to the best bands around so it must be tough for the bands to be in such high demand and hard for the festival organisers and the competition will be very competitive!
There are so many music festivals throughout the world and most music festivals are orientated around a specific music genre and are repeated year on year and gather quite a following. For some it becomes a way of life and a tradition to attend certain music festivals each year with a certain circle of friends. At this time of the year, the excitement starts to build as we know that festival season is almost upon us again.

People flock from all around the world to go to music festivals, to listen to the favourite bands, meet with friends, relax and have fun. A music festival is a place to let your hair down.
There are music festivals for all genres, here is a quick list of some of the major UK festivals;
Reading & Leeds Festival – Geared mostly at Rock with Pop
Download Festival – Rock and Metal
V Festival – Pop music
Glastonbury – mixture of all genres
Creamfields – dance music
Latitude – mixture of genres
Isle of Wight Festival – mixture

Most music festivals these days do try to put a mix of genres across the stage to try and attract a mix of people. Not everyone happens to like all types of music however which is why there are some dedicated to just one or 2 types.
I have to say that as a rule, I am not all that keen on modern pop music however, I have been to many mixed music festivals and have come across many pop bands by chance and I have to say that it does not ruin my weekend. I still managed to have a wonderfully fun time so, I wouldn’t worry too much about mixed. Just check out the line up before you buy the tickets so that you are not disappointed!

As well as being a place to go for music, music festivals have become a community. A place for people to leave behind the humdrum of their daily lives and live freely for the weekend in true hippy style. Wear the hippy clothes that you cannot usually wear to work, listen to loud music which is not always possible at home, dance like no one is watching and like you really don’t care. I cannot dance for shite however there is nothing more freeing than dancing around like a loon 🙂
Some only get the chance to do 1 music festival each year and they make it count.

Once you have been to a music festival that is when the addiction starts. You will meet so many people and make some great friends that you will connect with instantly. You will listen to bands that you have never heard of before and fall in love with the music. You will try new foods, new experiences and learn to love the outdoors.
The comraderie carries on through from the arenas into the camping areas. You will find yourself joining some random tents circle and enjoying drinks and laugher with them around a fire. You may also find yourself inviting others to your fire and to your circle.
Go with an open mind and no preconceptions on what you will find and be happy. A music festival truly is a magical place to connect with the music, yourself and others. We love wearing our favourite hippy clothing when we go and enjoy making people smile.

Peace, Love & Light to you all!