My Love of Hippy Clothing

Hippy ClothingFor some, hippy clothing is just a fashion statement. For others it is too bright, too colourful, too loud and just too much. Although for many of us however, those of us who appreciate being unique and individual it is just who we are. It is a wonderful way to say “hey yes I am a little different but I don’t care!”
Hippy clothing is a choice, it is a passion and it is a way of life.


People think that hippy clothing is always bright, covered in crazy patterns and a major assault on the senses but, My love of hippy clothingthis is just not true. Sure, some of the time it is as bold designs and, to be fair, bright colours were a big thing  back in the day. We know how to tone it down too without taking away the fabulousness because we know the craziness is not everyone cup of tea!

I can recall looking back through old photo albums of my parents and seeing the bell bottoms, the platform shoes, the funky dresses and blouses that my ma used to wear along with the  wicked waistcoats and jumpers that they used to wear. In all honesty, the style of wear was for all genders really.

I was hooked from a young age. They just looked so happy and so free. Perhaps that was just their pre kids album 😉

My First Hippy Clothing Item

My very first item of hippy clothing was actually handed down from my mother. It was a jumper which I still have today and one that was worn often when she was a young adult. Said jumper was hand knitted by my Nana in the early 70’s and is beautifully thick and soft with these great big sleeves. The magical jumper is one of my most favourite which I hope to be able to pass down a generation one day.

Let me guess, you are now thinking about your very first experience with hippy clothing. It is great to think back and wonder how the love started. Sometimes when you are growing up, it is hard to work out exactly who you are and the kind of person you want to be. Sometimes it is hard to express your feelings and express who you are. This is where the wonderful world of hippy clothing comes into your life. Wear what you want, wear what you feel comfortable in and who gives a monkey’s what anyone else thinks.

I was told recently by someone that they wished they were as brave as I was as they would love to wear hippy clothing. Unfortunately though they were too worried about what others might think.  Do you know what I told her? – Sod it! As long as you are comfy and are happy, why should it matter what you wear. You are your own person and not a sheep. You do not have to dress like everyone else. As mentioned above anyways, we know how to tone it down so ease in gently!

Not everyone who wears this kind of apparel is a hippy, they just like the clothing. That’s totally cool. I think anyone and everyone can wear it. It is not exclusive. You don’t have to be a certain type of person, just a lover of the clothing!

Our Clothes

We love to express ourselves and we want to help you to do the same. This s the reason why we scout the globe trying to find the best hippy clothing that we can.
When we find something that we like but something is not quite right, we put in special order to get it amended. When we like the style of an item of clothing but not the material then we put in orders to get it changed. At times we even design the hippy clothing ourselves from ideas that we have had. It is hard work to find things to make all of our friends happy but, we are being told on a regular basis that we are doing a fab job.

For me personally and I am sure for many of you too, we wear hippy clothing day in and day out and for all occasions. It is not always easy to find decent hippie clothes that can be worn anywhere and everywhere which is why we have made it our mission to find such funky threads.

We have comfy wear that is just perfect for slouching around in. Such casual gear that is perfect for those days bimbling around in the park and going for walks. We have hippy apparel that you could wear to the office, much like I used to when I worked in a posh office in London.  I used to get asked so often where I used to get my clothes. Now I can tell everyone exactly where. From us!

Mystical Mayhem Clothing “Making the world a brighter place, one piece of clothing at a time”

Peace, Love & Light
Nici Bulman or sometimes known as Mrs Hippy
Customer Care Hippy