As of last week (July 2019) we have started to sell the popular legal version of CBD oil. I thought to help people out I would share my personal experience with using this. Any opinions and views are mine only and do not reflect the companies opinion on this subject.

CBD-OilFirst off, what is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active chemical compounds of cannabis (marijuana), there are 113 of these active ingredients found within the plant. THC is probably the most well known compound as this it the one that gives you your high when smoking marijuana. For CBD oil to be legal for sale in the UK market the amount of THC found has to be very very low, so if you are looking to get high this isn’t the stuff for you. However CBD is thought to help with many issues with studies indicating CBD helps amongst others with pain, anxiety and sleep.

My experience

So please bear in mind that this is my experience of using CBD oil, others may have different experiences. I would also say that I’m not recommending to try my methods and you should always talk with your doctor before taking CBD oil as in some cases it can prevent other medication from working or could affect your health negatively.

The CBD oil I use is the same we sell on the website, it comes from a UK company who bottle here in the UK. I have been using CBD to help with a couple of things namely sleep issues and mild anxiety. Stress can cause several issues throughout the body and so I turned to CBD to help with these symptoms.

Starting on a small does (500mg bottle) I used 2-3 drops under my tongue at the start of the day, I then repeated this during the afternoon. I found that this really did help with anxiety especially when going into large crowds. I love meeting new people and going to concerts (festivals) but sometimes I become a little anxious when going to new places, it really depends on how stressed I am but, taking a couple of drops really does help. Most of the time I no longer need to use CBD oil for this purpose but if I’m feeling a little unfocused or worrying about something that really shouldn’t be wasting my time worrying about then a couple of drops helps.

Its got to be said that my sleep has been pretty bad for a long time. I hate taking sleeping tablets and was looking for a way to help with my sleep using a more natural approach. The doctor and any health care professional will always say to get rid of the thing that is causing you stress but sometimes it just isn’t that easy. So in steps CBD oil.

Now when taking CBD oil for sleep the dose needs to be higher as you are now looking for a sedated effect. I started off slowly by increasing to 5 drops before bed. For me at least this didn’t work and so over the course of a week I upped the dose to the point where I was on about 10 drops (27mg) which was having a better effect however I was still not getting the desired affect and so it was around this point I jumped to 1000mg (10%) strength and kept upping the dose until I settled at around 10 drops (54mg or 20 drops of 500mg). This for me worked and although I still wake in the night to pee (that’s just something I always do), my sleep does tend to be better as I can get back to sleep faster after my nightly pee. It is always recommended when trying this out that you start small and work your way up as you’ll find that everyone is different and you might not need such a high dose. Its always better to take less of something than too much not just for health reason but also your pocket.

All in all I have found CBD oil easy to use and effective at helping me. You will have to find what dose works for you as there is no cut and dry dose but for me at least I have found something that does help.

Remember that we are not medical professionals and so we are not offering advice. If you are thinking of taking CBD oil then please always seek advice from your doctor who will be happy to talk you through options, impact on current medication and side effects. CBD oil is a supplement and just like any other supplement it should be taken after consulting your doctor.