New Wishlist Feature

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are always looking at new ways of giving our customers what they want, unfortunately we have not been able to find unicorns that poop rainbows (please keep the suggestions coming though) but we have been able to get our new wishlist feature up and running.

Registered customers and guests alike can now add items to a wishlist so they can pop back at a future date to see their most wanted items.  Registered customers can keep there wishlists saved indefinitely where as guest are restricted to 30 days or when they deleted their browsing history.  Please remember that we sell lots of great unique clothing and gifts so if your items sit in your wishlists too long they may find a new hippy home with another customer.

Create multiple wishlists and either keep them nice and private or turn them in to public lists perfect for birthday ideas, easily share via social media or via a handy link that can be emailed to your friends and family.

Our customers have been asking for this feature for a while now so we are very pleased to be able to offer this.  We have created a brief ‘how to create and share wishlist’ video so take a look below, we do recommend you view this in full screen mode otherwise it might be a little small for you to see what’s going on.