Mystical Mayhem Gifts

Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Gifts. We are proud to announce that as well as our fabulous clothing range, we also now stock hippy style Fair Trade gifts.  Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has been at the forefront of hippy clothing in the UK many years now. We started out with fantastic pieces of hippy style clothing and we are now able to offer great hippy style gifts as well.

Mystical Mayhem Gifts

Mystical Mayhem GiftsOur wonderful gift collection currently includes handmade fair trade items that would be great to give as gifts or to keep for yourself (everyone needs to treat themselves now and again!). Gifts can say so many things to a person – thank you , I love you, congratulations and can be given for any reason at all. The best gifts are the surprise ones that are given for no reason other than you wanted to do something nice for someone.

We have such a range of gifts for you that are perfect for most occasions. We have gifts that you can give just because you want to , for a birthday, wedding and even christenings.  For example, we have some fantastic hippy inspired suncatchers that are made from a mix of metal and colourful resin.  Each suncatcher has been handmade and is sure to brighten any room when hung in a window. These really are great gifts to give.

Mystical Mayhem gifts also includes our hippy clothing and festival clothing ranges all of which we know make great, well received presents.

Types of Gifts

Our new handmade wooden boxes are hand crafted in either Thailand or India.  Each box is unique due to the hand carved nature of the item.  We also have log boxes will are all different and unique as made from the branches of trees. Perfect hippy gift. Made from nature and looks great.

We now stock a large supply of burning incense.  These wonderful smelling incenses are hand rolled in Nepal or India.  Many of our Nepalese incense sticks are still made in the same traditional Mystical Mayhem Giftsway they have been made for hundreds of years, this also includes using the same mix of natural ingredients.  Incense makes a lovely gift for people who like interesting aromas.

Our incense gift collection includes incense gift boxes as well as incense burners.  One of our best sellers is the dragon breath incense burners.  This great gift emits smoke from it’s mouth when an incense stick is burned within the burner.

Dreamcatchers also make a great gift and also look great dotted around your home.   These native American style dreamcatchers are thought to help keep bad dreams at bad when hung in the bedroom.  Who would not want the gift of a peaceful nights sleep.

We also have some wonderful jewellery to offer you.

We will be adding to our gift collection over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more great hippy style fair trade gift ideas with Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts. If there is a particular gift that you are looking for then please feel free to contact us and we can look into it for you.