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Update for you lovely folk -we started a new blog area for you to look through and are now covering many subjects. We have a weekly outfit idea for men and for women and also have hippy news for you along with some wonderful articles. Just click here to come and take a look and the new Mystical Mayhem blog.

Glastonbury Festival Begins
Yes today the great Glastonbury festival starts with the first bands due on stage.  We wish we were there (not working but having fun) but it was not meant to be.  We hope all the people who have made it have a cracking time.  For everyone who hasn’t made it to Glastonbury this year we still have loads of great looking funky festival clothing right here on our website so don’t be upset we can still dress you in festival gear.

Thick weave cotton jackets
We have had a new supply of the popular hippy styled thick weave jackets, these ones have a twist though with cotton lining, a front zip and wooden toggles.  These hippy jackets were always very popular when they came without the cotton lining so we predict a big shift in these wonderful items.  We have currently got 7 colours in 3 sizes.  Each jacket is handmade in Nepal.
Thick Weave Cotton Hooded Hippy Jacket with Cotton Lining Red

Male cotton long Hippy Jedi style jacket.
Yes we have been waiting for a long time to bring these jackets to you guys.  Finally the time is here.  I designed these jackets myself inspired by the Jedi robes worn in the Star Wars films.  Naturally they do not look the same but they are long, well made and look great.  Each hippy jacket is made from the same thick weave cotton material our cotton ponchos and some of our jackets are made from.  These nice male hippy cloaks come with cotton lining, a big hood, inside pockets with zips and a look that will stop people in the street.  I have one and will be having more because they are truly awesome.
Long Cotton Jacket
Gringo Patchwork Hooded Tops
Gringo Cotton Patchwork Hooded Hippy Top

We have just had in a large order of the fantastic handmade hippy cotton patchwork hooded tops made by Gringo.  These Gringo fair trade patchwork hippy tops are all unique as they are all handmade from coloured patches of cotton material. We have specially ordered in 5 main colour groups so you guys have a nice range of colour combinations to choose from.  Click here for Gringo cotton patchwork hooded tops.

Bares Hooded Hippy Grandad Shirt Dark Turquoise
We have also had a new stock of our striped hippy hooded grandad shirts.  These hooded versions of our best selling grandad shirts are a great addition to any hippy who likes a hood.  Here is the link.

Foo Fighters Cancel Glastonbury and Wembley

We have just found out the rock band Foo Fighters have pulled out of the rest of their European tour due to the fact that front man Dave Grohl broke his leg last week during a performance in Gothenburg.  The incident has been widely reported in the news this week as Dave decided after seeking some minor medical attention from the on scene medics to keep playing on even with a broken leg.  What a legend he is.  Doctors have advised he rests his leg which although a cracking idea does mean hundreds of thousands of fans are now going to miss out on their fantastic live show. We were due to go see the band at Wembley this Friday and many people were hoping to see the band at the Glastonbury festival next weekend, all in all it’s better he rests his leg so he can rock on for many more years but I’m sure there are going to be many disappointed people out there.  Fingers crossed the Wembley dates get moved instead of just cancelled as the Foo Fighters are an amazing live act.  All at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing wish he gets well soon, manly for our own selfish reasons so we can go see the band.   

Glastonbury Festival Coming up
The biggest and most anticipated festival of the UK calender is only around the corner. Make sure you have all your hippy clothing gear sorted before you take to the festival.  We have a massive range of hippy style festival clothing ideal for Glastonbury or any other festival.  We offer 1st class and special delivery options to make sure your items arrive in time.  Just remember special delivery is the only guaranteed way to get your items in time for the big festival.  We hope everyone who is going to Glastonbury has a cracking time.

20% Off Wool and Jumper Promo
To celebrate our move into new premises we are offer 20% off all our hippy styles wool jackets and jumpers for this weekend only.  Offer ends at midnight on 14th June.  Just type wool20off at the checkout.  We have a wide range of hippy wool jackets and jumpers.  Click here to take a look at them all.
We are also offering £5 off our Mexican bird rugs, these bright and colourful rugs are nice and thick and come in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. See here for the rugs.

New Premises
We are proud to announce that we have finally moved to our new warehouse and office in the beautiful little village of Bidford-on-Avon.  It has been a long time coming but we are finally in a place where we have lots of room for great new hippy clothing.  This move means that we can better serve our customers as we are able to organise ourselves much better.  We have loads of new hippy clothing arrive soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Festival Season 2015

Summer is in the air (well just about).  The days are longer and the sun is shining (most of the time).  The UK summer festival season is just about to kick off and Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have some wonderful pieces of hippy clothing to make your festival experience both stylish and fun.  We stock a wide range of warm wool jackets and jumpers for those night time festival camp fires. We now stock a massive range of cashmilon hippy style blankets that people use as scarf’s, picnic blankets or just wear to walk around.  Like me you might just like to wonder around and take in the sights of the festival and so our cotton ponchos are great for keeping warm and look great as well.  What ever festival you are heading off to this summer we are sure you will find the clothes Mystical Mayhem offer make a great fun, funky statement and help keep you warm and cosy as well.

Thai shirts reduced
We have managed to get the price of our Thai hippy  shirts reduced for our customers.  These fantastic cotton shirts come in a multitude of colours.  They are nice and airy and can be worn by both men and women.  These Thai hippy shirts have become very popular as they are hard wearing, well made and very funky.  We have recently received a new order of these Thai shirts so we have many more new funky colours to offer our customers.
We also received some new products including a great festival favourite that has become very popular over the last few years, Bali colourful festival shorts with lace work around the trim.  These great looking silky feel shorts are great for the girl who just loves to wear something the feels great and looks even better.
We have also extended our Thai range to include some lovely crochet items.  These are made from quality cotton and have a small amount of crochet detail over the but or around the waistband depending on the item. We have dresses, tops/blouses and skirts in this crochet style.

Nepalese Earth Quake Update
We have spoken with our 3 main suppliers to find out how everybody is fairing up. We have been informed that all of our producers have checked in and are alive and well.  Most have seen buildings destroyed and have either lost family or loved ones.  For the time being most people are still afraid to return to their homes due to the continued aftershocks that are rocking the country.  We have heard some bad news regarding one producer as well as his wife and son who were in their home when it collapsed during the earth quake.  Mr Gupta was a well known figure in the Nepalese clothing/gifts export trade and although we never met him we were told he was a good friend to many and well loved.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this sad time.

Nepalese Earth Quake

Our thought go out to the Nepalese people after a devastating earth quake as hit the region killing many people and injuring many others. We are waiting for updates to find out how everybody is over there. When we have an update we will post it here.
Many people in Nepal live in remote regions where aid will find it hard to reach. We have already had reports that people are afraid to return to their homes after watching many building fall.

Jergas Baja Top Back in Stock
We have been waiting a long time for this order to arrive from Mexico and we know many of our customers have also been waiting as we have had many emails.  Well now we can say all colours of the Mexican Hippy Festival Jerga Baja Tops are back in stock and selling well.  These festival favourites have been doing the rounds for many years but people love them.  Made from an Acrylic and Cotton mix these hard wearing tops come with a front kangaroo pocket and a hood.  Great for both men and women whether at a festival or just wearing around town.  We now stock 20 + colours, please note some colours are discontinued and so will not be coming back into stock.
Other new items:
Cotton Pentagram waistcoat, we already sell a green man waistcoat as well as some very colourful printed pattern hippy waistcoats.  Now we have this great pentagram waistcoat to add to the collection.
Funky printed pattern harem trousers, these trousers come in 10 fantastic colours, each pair of trousers is made from 100% cotton which is artfully covered in printed hippy style patterns.
Throw wrap skirts both short and long versions now in stock.  These 100% cotton hippy style skirts are made from throws,  Each throw is divided and makes one short wrap skirt and one long wrap skirt.

Throws galore
We have had a wonderful collection of Indian hippy throws arrive today.  These 100% cotton throws are all handmade in India and come in a variety of colours and styles.  Included in our new collection are dragon throws, faerie throws, Ganesh throws, Peacock throws,  Pentagram throws, Tree of Life throws and elephant throws.  These great looking Indian cotton hippy throws can be used as bed spreads, wall hangings, picnic blankets or throws.
Back in stock:
Striped Nepalese Cotton Trousers.  Our very popular Nepalese cotton trousers are now back in stock in most colours and sizes.
Striped Nepalese Cotton Shirts.  We have had a new stock of these fantastic hippy styles shirts arrive.

New Year, New Products
We hope you all had a wonderful new year period.  We haven’t wasted any time and have got straight on with getting you guys some more great looking hippy clothing.  We have concentrated on some nice warm items for you as its a little nippy out there.  We have a new multicoloured rainbow wool scarf that’s great for keeping warm and standing out.
We know you guys love patchwork items so we have a large supply of Gringo patchwork hippy hooded cotton jackets with fleece lining. These jackets are all unique and so we have individually photographed each one so you get to pick the one you really like.
Our cashmilon hippy collection has just got bigger.  If you are not sure what cashmilon is then we will explain.  Cashmilon or cashmelon is also know as the blanket material.  It is made from a mix of materials, 61% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 14% Polyester.  This mix of different materials makes for a soft and warm material that comes in many colours and styles.  We have ponchos, tops, blankets and dresses in this versatile material.

Customer Photo Gallery
Hello everyone, after the new year and Christmas period we are sure you will all have nice new outfits.  Don’t be shy and share them with us by emailing us and letting us know you wish to add your picture to our customer gallery.  We are ready have a growing customer gallery and would like to get some more pictures on there if you guys are happy to share with us.

Happy New Year to all our great customers
Yep another year has flown by and I don’t mind saying it really felt fast this year.  We have had a really busy year with Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing increasing it’s variety so more great hippy style clothing can be bought to our fantastic customers.  We would like to thank everybody who has purchased from us, phoned us for a chat or just browsed through the site.  We love you all and can’t wait to get back to finding you some more great looking hippy clothes in 2015.  Have a fantastic new year and we will see you in 2015.  Peace and Love to all.  Simon, Mystical Mayhem.

Happy Chrimbo
I just wanted to say a quick happy Christmas to everyone.  I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, enjoy the food and drink and we will see you next year.  Peace to you all, Simon, Mystical Mayhem.

Washing your Christmas presents
Ok maybe that title sounds a bit weird, most people won’t want to wash their shiny new Xbox or that ipad they have been waiting for however we just wanted you to make sure the people you buy for know how to care for their new garments.  All our hippy clothing in handmade and comes with labels sewn into the clothing that warn the item should only be hand washed in cold water. We also print the same instructions onto our clothing tags.  We will always recommend you hand wash separately and either line dry light items or for heavier items like wool jackets lay over a dryer over the bath to prevent stretching.

Christmas Opening times for Christmas 2014
Here are our Christmas and new year opening times.

Monday 22nd December: Open but only sending out Special Delivery items. As no point 1st and 2nd class items sitting in the system over xmas.
Tuesday 23rd December: Open until 15:00pm for Sending out Special Delivery items only.
Wednesday 24th December (Xmas Eve): CLOSED
Thursday 25th December (Xmas Day): CLOSED
Friday 26th December (Boxing Day): CLOSED
Saturday 27th December: CLOSED AS USUAL
Sunday 28th December: CLOSED AS USUAL
Monday 29th December: CLOSED
Tuesday 30rd December: CLOSED
Wednesday 31st December (New Years Eve): CLOSED
Thursday 1st January: CLOSED
Friday 2nd January: Open as usual

New items just in time for Christmas
We received some new great looking Mexican bird blankets.  These colourful thick and heavy blankets come in a variety of colours.  Each blanket has images of colourful birds.  Please note the colours of the birds will vary due to the handmade nature of the items.
Our range of cotton hippy ponchos has just been replenished so we now have most colours back in stock. We know how popular these hippy ponchos are at this time of year as they make great Christmas gifts for anyone who likes festival or sitting by the fire on a cold winter night.
We have just received some colourful new tie dye Indian throws.  The new style is based on the chakra point of the body.  These cotton Indian hippy throws come in two colours and have an image of a person sitting crossed legged with the chakra symbols displayed.

Christmas Fast Approaching
That’s right it’s nearly that time of year again.  You know that time of year where we all spend too much, eat too much and drink too much but have a cracking good time in the process.    I’m not really sure where the year has gone but as long as good time have been had it doesn’t really matter.
Mystical Mayhem is already for the Christmas rush and we are already working more hours to make sure we fulfil your Christmas orders.  Make sure to avoid disappointment to get your orders in sooner rather than later.  We do offer special delivery options at the checkout but it does work out expensive. Anyway we hope you find the wonderful hippy clothing gifts you are after, as always if you have any questions then please let us know.

Boho Clothing
Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing prides itself on bringing you the best in funky Bohemian fashion. Bohemian mean in it’s most basic terms a person lives a unconventional, usually artistic, live.  Well say no more, people who wear our great range of hippy clothing fit well in to the meaning of Bohemia.  We have many writers, musicians and artist people approach us for clothing ideas.  We are always happy to help and will continue to find and create great pieces of bohemian clothing that you can get direct to your door via our fantastic website.   

Pixie Passion
Our hippy pixie jacket stock has been running low due to Nepalese producer issues.  We have just had a new batch of pixie hooded jackets in stock and will continue to make sure more of these great hippy pixie jackets make their way onto our site.  We love pixie hooded jackets and are always on the lookout for new funky designs that will complement out website.
Other items back in stock:
We have taken a massive stock of some Gringo multicoloured jumpers, these wonderfully warm woollen jumpers come in 5 different colours across 4 sizes.
Our Thai cotton tie dye trousers have been added back to the site, theses colourful tie dye trousers come in a baggy cotton material, we photograph each unique pair so you can decide which set best suits your style.

Hippy Festival Clothing Online
Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have been providing great looking brilliant funky colourful hippy festival clothing since 2010.  We started as a small eBay business but soon grew to be able to move to our own brightly coloured fun website.  We now offer hundreds of affordable festival fashion hippy style clothing for both men and women.  We are proud of the fact that we maintain the best prices we can and offer a wonderful choice in Nepalese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and Mexican hippy festival clothing. Our wide range of clothing incorporates tie dye, knitted wool, unique patchwork and embroidery designs and much much more.

Male Hippy Jackets
We have just received a shipment of our male cotton jacket range.  We have received four new styles and they are currently showing in the male hippy clothing section of the website.  Of course these cotton jackets can also be worn by women but we know how much the blokes really want some more of this great looking clothing so we bought them in for them.
We have also had an update of Indian cotton hippy throws so most styles are now back in stock including green man, buddha and our funky hand painted art work throws.

Winter Stock has landed
We have had so many people asking when our winter woollens will arrive.  Well I can tell you they are here.  We have just started adding our new range of Nepalese wool jackets to the website.  These new hippy styled wool jackets come handmade from Nepal and are all fleeced lined (fleece lining is not included in the jumpers).  Most of our hippy Nepalese wool jackets come in several sizes so there is a good choice for our customers.
What about your head?  We know it’s not just your body that gets cold during the winter months so we have some interesting handmade wool hats that have also just arrived.  Don’t forget our best selling wool socks so your feet don’t fall off.

Indian Headdresses Removed

At the beginning of September we received a small order or native american style Indian headdresses.  Within a few weeks we had several people contacting us regarding the sale of these items.  After much thought we decided it was best that we removed these items from our website as the sale of these items did not fit in with our views.  The native American headdress is an item that is honoured among the native American tribes.  You earn the right to wear this sacred head piece and so after receiving information and reading up about the impact selling these items has on the Native American Indians we choose to remove the items from sale. We are proud to not be selling an item that should only be warn by the proud tribes of the Native American Indians who earn the right to wear their ceremonial hear pieces.
For more information regarding this please read here

Another Festival Season over
So the kids are back at school and the nights are getting darker again.  Not to worry though as we will keep you warm this winter with some of our fantastic winter hippy festival clothing range.  We will keep you bright and colourful all year around and next summer we will break out the summer festival wear and get you already for the new festival season.  We hope you all enjoyed the 2014 festival season, there were so many great bands playing live across the UK at some many big. new and exciting festivals. We can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the festival fun in 2015.

Male clothes are a coming (well they’re here actually)
Yes that’s right we have more male hippy clothes.  Sorry ladies we know you like new clothes as well but its the blokes turn.
Loads of new Nepalese printed pattern waistcoats in 3 sizes, these fantastic cotton waistcoats look great with smart clothing or with jeans and a T-Shirt.  As they are handmade is one is slightly unique.
Loads more cotton ponchos have been delivered in many more colours.  These thick weave cotton ponchos are all handmade in Nepal and are great for any festival or just to wear when ever it takes your fancy.
Green Man cotton thick weave jacket.  This jacket comes in a nice black heavy cotton material with cotton lining.  The back of this hippy styled cotton jacket has a brightly coloured Green Man embroidery patch.

Tie Dye Time
We love tie dye hippy clothing.  Tie dye clothing was a great way to turn your dull boring piece of clothing into something with a bit colour and life.  The 1960’s saw people with low incomes turning to charity shops to buy their clothing.  As the clothing often was boring many people started to dye their clothes to give them a personal touch.  Not many people tie dye their own clothes in modern society although it can be fun and I remember trying it at school all those years ago and enjoying the idea of making your own arty clothes.  As we know people have busy lives we are happy to offer a wide range of tie dyed hippy fashions from T-Shirts to skirts, dresses to bags.  If it looks funky in tie dye then we have started to stock it.

Festival Season 2014
It’s been a long time coming (a whole year to be precise) but it’s finally here. The first festivals of 2014 have started and its time to get your festival threads out.  We have rounded up our best festival clothes and made sure we have loads of goodies for you to pick your way through.  So don’t be shy and take a look through our hippy festival clothing website and find some fresh funky looking festival clothing for the festival 2014 season.  Peace and love to all.

Bank Holiday Clothes just arrived
May is a great time of year, yep two bank holiday weekends in one month.  We know all our UK customers are just as happy as we are about this beautiful fact.  Anyway we thought we let you know that we have had a nice new order in from Nepal and Thailand.  So we have some cracking patchwork hooded cotton jackets from Nepal, there jackets are made by Gringo and are all unique.  Our cotton striped grandad shirts and trousers are now back in stock in more colours and sizes so head along to the shop and have a look at these favourite items. The women will be happy to hear to have a lovely collection of beach wraps or sarong all the way from sunny Thailand.  We have many fun and colourful designs to choose from so you can get stuck in.  Our Thai cotton kaftan range has also increased as we love these long kaftan dresses.  Some of the designs are even great for men.  I actually live in these clothes, they are great for wearing around the house and I prefer them to a dressing gown.

Who are Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing?

That would be me.  My name is Simon, I was born in 1981 and although I have been labelled a hippy since I was about 16 even though I clearly missed the 1960’s.  However this period in time has been a heavy influence on my life.  I love the music produced during this period and such bands as the Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Incredible String Band, Country Joe and the Fish, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel to name but a few have been part of my music collection for many years.  Of course my music choices do extend back past the 60’s as well as coming up to the present.

The 60’s were about finding ones self which is something that I so desperately wanted.  The idea of individualism has been something I struggled with when being at school, I really had no idea who I was as a person.  Should I be copying what everyone else was doing or should I just do what I wanted.  During my early teens I noticed that people who were a little different were picked on and often bullied, this is something that goes on in schools across the UK and I’m sure worldwide on a  day to day basis.  It wasn’t until I left school and meet a new group of peers that I was able to find who I was and become the individual that I so wanted to be.  Much like the hippies of the 1960’s I wanted to be known as a individual person with his own beliefs and view points.  I started wearing the clothing I wanted and went through several mood swings until I settled down into being me. From the music and the clothes came a person who could finally express who he was.  I confess I was a little reckless during my late teens but what teenager isn’t?  I then calmed down and took on the philosophy of trying not to harm others with my actions and look at life in a positive way.

Of course the idea of being a hippy was not about wearing the clothes and listening to the music it was about (and still is about) having respect for other people and the world around you.  I have tried over the years to stick to these principles as much as I can and hope this shows in the company that I have created.  Yes I know that some people will see the irony of being labelled a hippy and owing your own company but life is full of irony, I am after all still fending for myself.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing  is my baby and over the last 5 years has grown to be one of the UK’s fastest growing Hippy clothing websites.  I’m a small business owner who works very hard to make sure my customers get the unique and interesting clothing they want.  I don’t just sell these clothes I wear them, I live in them and I love them.  My clothes are my external expression of who I am as a person and I know there are many of you out there who feel the same about the clothes you wear.  I don’t want to look like everyone on the high street and make it a point to make sure there are plenty of choices for my customers so they can also be different.

Our hippy Blog
This is the start of Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing’s hippy blog.
You can find out about new arrived stock, things we are expecting.  We will also post any news we come by that we think you might be interested in or just general stuff we feel we want to talk about, after all it is my website and if the mood takes me I’ll just talk rubbish. Feel free to read or pass it by.  I will try to keep what I say useful but I can give no guarantees.