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Mystical Points Reward Scheme

You know what points mean, yes points mean prizes or in this case money off your next order.

I hear you ask:
What do I have to do for this money off?
Review something?
Like something on Social Media?

None of the above, just purchase as normal from our fresh funky website
to collect points that become money off your next purchase.

Watch the video below for more information
(plus we spent the afternoon messing around creating it
so it would be a waste not to watch it)

This week has been a busy one, with the implementation of our long awaited wishlist we have now rolled out our ‘Mystical Points’ reward scheme.  Mystical Mayhem® was started because I have a passion for these clothes and the life style that for me came out of wearing them.  I love hearing from our happy customers when they tell me they have found that one piece of clothing they truly love and I hope to be able to carry this on for a great while longer.

Our aim at Mystical Mayhem is simple.  Bring great looking unique hippy clothes to our customers at the best prices we can.  One of the things that people always say they love about our website is that we take the time to show unique items so customers really can pick the item of clothing they want.  It’s great to be able to help our customers out even more by putting together this reward scheme so returning customers can benefit from better prices.  It’s good to say at this point that we have not put any prices up to cover this points scheme which means you receive a genuine discount off your next purchase.

How does it work?
Each of our products is awarded a set number of points which are displayed on the listing, when a customers completes their purchase the points are awarded to their account for when they next make a purchase.  If a customer decided the newly purchased items are not for them then the points are taken back when the refund is issued.  It really couldn’t be simpler.  The more you shop the more you save. Each point equals one pence so you can clearly see how much you will be banking for your next purchase.

We love the world of hippy clothing and festivals and hope that you guys will like this new ‘Mystical Points’ scheme of ours.  To start collection of points you must be a registered website member, if you are not then you can easily register on the checkout page during checkout.

Any questions then hit the ‘contact us’ tab and well get back to you.

Peace and Love