Nepalese Printed Hooded Tops – Hippy StyleNepalese Printed Hooded Tops

Nepalese printed hooded tops make a wonderful and colourful addition to any wardrobe and is a must for all hippy’s and non hippies alike. There really is nothing to dislike about them – they are awesome! Ok, they may not be to everyone’s taste but I can assure you they are well loved here in Hippy Clothing HQ and by our customers. They are a constant in our warehouse as they are loved that much 🙂 We even have waistcoats in a similar print as the style is that well appreciated.

All of these hooded tops have been handmade in, yep you guessed it, Nepal. And, each one has been made to the highest of quality.Nepalese Hooded Hippy Top Male
Made from a nice thick cotton material, these beauties are great for both the ladies and the gents. They are perfect for the cooler days as well as the evenings. Basically I am saying that they are great anywhen. Is anywhen even a word???
As well as being handmade, these tops have been hand printed with some fantastic patterns which make a  great statement. You can be sure  to look great and  stand out (in a good way of course) with the colour combinations and the prints on each pullover.

In addition to calling these tops hoodies, they are also referred to as pullovers. A pullover was originally referred to as a knitted garment that you had to pull over your head to get on however, a pullover is now any style of clothing that does not do up using a button or a zip.

A hoody is what they are also called with a kangaroo pocket on the front. A kangaroo pocket is just one large pocket that you can pop your hands into to help keep them warm. You know, like a kangaroo?!

You Can Wear Them Anywhere

They are so great that they can be worn for almost any occasion. I have seen gents wearing these to weddings, ok so it was a little later in the evening after the ceremony and it was a bit nippy but hey, it looked great with smart trousers and a shirt. I have also seen them worn at festivals and just out and about in general.

Nepalese Hooded Hippy Top Female

For the ladies, I have seen them worn on an evening out with jeans and heels and the look is fab! I have also seen them paired with skirts and flip flops and comfy casual wear. You name the place and you can wear it. Can be matched with any clothing. Super versatile and look brill!!!

As each one is handmade, they all vary that little bit which means that they are all unique which is just what us folk like 🙂 With 3 pockets on the front they are also great for carrying your bits and bobs around with you. They are available in 7 different colour combinations and 3 different sizes. We have something to suit everyone of all grown up ages.

These Nepalese printed hooded tops are wonderful for those of you after that something a little bit different and a lot fabulous!