New Year, Same You – Good

Happy New Year 2019Why is it that every time New Year rolls around everyone feels pressured into feeling that the must reinvent themselves… New hair, new diet and often a gym membership that gets paid up for the year and then only used for 1 month. Seriously, what is it about this time of year that make people think that they are inadequate human beings that they not only have to kick old habits and start new ones but, that instead of changing a few little things, I hear people saying ” a whole new me”. What was wrong with the whole old you?! Nothing that’s what!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I think the new year is a great time to try and add a few little resolutions to your life (if that is what you like to do). Resolutions such as smile more, be kind to others, laugh regularly and love with all of your heart. These are things that don’t cost any money and things that come naturally to us homo sapiens. Spread joy and not negativity. It is really easy to fall into the habit of self hate however just remember, you should change only if you want to and not because you think that others believe or even tell you that you should.

If you want to loose a little weight and get a little fitter for your own sake then go for it. But, do it for you! It is time to think about yourself and what you want. Anyone who wants you to change then sod them! Tell them where to go……..

Hippy Clothing and HappinessNew Year, Same You - Good : Hippy Happy Jumping

I used to be the same but gone are those days. Now the only resolution that I make myself is to be happy. To be happy and to extend my wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with adding more colour to your life, especially when in the form of hippy clothing. As you are well aware this is a passion of mine and so, not only am I looking to add to my collection but, watch this space for a ton of new and exiting clothing coming your way.

We have been told by so many of our customers that hippie clothing makes them happy and so, who are we to disappoint. We would hate to make you sad!
In addition to some new duds, why not look into getting some bees or helping out at your local association. Bees are so interesting and are wonderfully therapeutic. There is something about being surrounded by bees. Just watching them go about their business is very relaxing. Bzzzzz! Good for the environment and good for the soul.

So to end – Happy New Year folks – we are really pleased to have you back and are really looking forward to sharing with you what we have in store for 2019.
See you soon

Peace, Love & Light