Non Authentic Hippy Clothing

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing on The High Street - High Street ShopsSo what exactly do I mean when I state that there is non authentic hippy clothing on the high street? Well, to be honest, I mean exactly that – the clothing that you will find today in your high street shops are a very mainstream version of what it should be. Some of you would have noticed the sudden influx of high street companies coming up with their somewhat watered down version of our much loved hippie clothing.  In recent years we have seen some quite major chains try and cut in on the trend.

What makes my case is that these stores can never offer the same unique and handmade pieces of hippy clothing that a small family run store like ours can offer. You will notice that I have used the term watered down when referring what the high street have to offer. The reason that I use this term is that the clothing is just that. A watered down version of true and authentic hippy clothing. Although don’t get me wrong, the clothes that they sell may have a slight hippy boho twist. They are however still mainstream. Not to mention that they are made in their 1000’s. Seriously, we wish you luck trying to find anything unique or individual!

What’s Going On In The High Street?

High street clothing companies buy their clothing stock in bulk from countries that offer cheap labour. They are shown a pattern of material which they like and approve. This then is the pattern that will be duplicated exactly the same 1000’s of times over. Perhaps they may have some different colours for you to choose from which is great. But, guess what, that same piece is being worn across the globe by lots of other people too. Chances are you will actually meet several people wearing the same items as you on a regular basis.

Buying in bulk is how they keep prices low. Keeping the price low is how they hope to be able to shift lots of the same clothing line.  To make sure they have a good chance of selling their new line, the high street stores keep it safe. They buy hippy clothing patterns and designs that are closer to other successful regular clothing ranges being sold on the high street. All with a tiny added hippie twist.  Like always, major clothing companies jump on the band wagon when a trend comes by. Trends come and go which means that these clothing company stops selling the range just as soon as the season changes. Instead of allowing you your individuality, they expect you to change your wardrobe with each fashion trend.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing Non Authentic Hippy Clothing on The High Street - Tie Dye Clothing

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, we do not buy into that method. Each and every piece in our range is handmade. Our producers are based in places such as India, Thailand, Bali and Nepal. We offer great quality clothing which has been made by happy workers. We are avid believers in Fair Trade here at Hippie HQ. Fair trade is important so that everyone is looked after and treated fairly. We do not work with those that offer cheap garments in exchange for rubbish quality.

We do order items in bulk but, because they are handmade they will always be different. Even if the same pattern is used our producers cut and use the materials in such a way that means each item will always end up individual.  Just the way it should be! We don’t want to look the same as everyone else and we know that you don’t either. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, we pride ourselves on selling unique hippie clothes that cannot be found in any run of the mill high street clothing store.  Unlike these other major high street clothing companies we will carry on selling great looking hippie clothing for as long as we can. We know that you lovely folk always want to find something funky and handmade and we are happy to oblige.

Going Forward

Hippies back in the day often used to make their own clothing to give their outfit an edge. If they couldn’t make it themselves they would have a friend do it for them or add patches and badges to everything.  They used to shuck off the mainstream . The whole point of the hippy clothing fashion is to have items of clothing that truly are unique and stand out in the crowd.  How can you show your individuality and express yourself when you look like everyone else. Hey if that is what you like then that’s cool too. You are your own person and will do what you want to do.

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing on The High Street - Embroidery JacketsOur clothing made from quality materials and is made by very skilled folk. It is designed to last you a very long time. We are not advocates of the throw away society – cheap clothing made to be replaced often. We believe that if you buy a piece of clothing it should last years! How many of you have hippy items that you wear all the time that you have owned for years? Most of you I am sure because it is made to last.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all that you buy on the high street are bad quality because that really isn’t the case everywhere. They are well made however there are some that really are throw away. We all know who they are and we most likely all buy from them. Why? Because they are cheap. In the long run though, it will end up costing more.

The smaller companies in my mind are the ones to go to. They care about their customers and have a passion about what is is that they are offering.

Wee Summary

There you have why we believe that there is so much non authentic hippy clothing on the high street.
We never want to be a company to mass produce clothes to the point that every item looks exactly the same. This really would take away the whole idea behind the clothing.  We like handmade unique hippy clothing and we are here to tell you it’s here to stay.