Mexican Baja Hoody Origins

Origins of the Mexican Jerga Baja Top - Male Wearing JergaThe Mexican jerga baja top has been around for a wee while now, but what is it that makes these hoodies so ruddy popular? Oh there are so many reasons. Let’s start off with the fact that they look awesome shall we and we can build on it from there.
Why are they called Jerga and Baja and actually how on earth do you pronounce that??? Let’s give you some background which might hep;


Where Are They From?

There is a peninsula in Northwestern Mexico called Baja California. Its land mass separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. Baja California is where these amazingly popular tops Origins of The Mexican Jerga Baja Toporiginated. Picture this, it’s the 1970s, you live in California, the weather is sweet and you love to surf. You have been told that there are some epic waves in Baja so what do you do? You go of course. It was such a popular spot with folk travelling from all over. Californian surfers we travelling over to Baja California on a regular basis for surfing tips.

While they were there they discovered these funky hooded tops which they started buying to wear after they had hit the waves. They were so well loved because of the fact that they would keep them warm and they were  so colourful.  They starting buying them and taking them back home to California. It didn’t take long before the Mexican jerga baja tops to become associated with surfers and surfing in Mexican coastal towns. They were worn as beachwear in the cooler weather.

The Name

In Mexico, these funky tops, are called “sudadera de jerga” which loosely translates to slang sweatshirt. The pronunciation of Jerga is Herga.
Baja of course comes from the name of the peninsula and is pronounced baha.  Put them together and you have herga baha. In Mexico they are traditionally worn by Mexican-American and Mexican youths, especially young men. They were of course worn by women too as well, men’s clothing is just so comfortable!

In the UK both men and women of all ages love this versatile piece of hippy clothing. For many years now they have been a stable part of festival wear. To be honest they are worn all year round for any occasion.  They are light weight and great to wear as they are nice and comfy. They are quick to dry too. You can see why they were so popular in the 70’s and still are to this day.

What is a Mexican Jerga Baja top?

Origins of The Mexican Jerga Baja TopA baja jacket is a type of jacket with a single large pocket on the front (called a kangaroo pocket) and a hood. The hood is a more recent additions as they weren’t originally made with them. As with all hippie clothing though, it evolves over the years. These tops always tend to have a pattern of some kind. We sell the vertical striped pattern as it is the most traditional. The jacket has draw strings on the neck line that are made for decoration purposes only (back in the 70’s these draw strings did do something but nowadays they do not). These drawstrings are often flatter and more rectangular than most jacket drawstrings, and always made of the same material as the rest of the jacket.

We have a new addition to the collection also. Instead of being a pullover like the traditional style, we now have zip up jergas. We only have a couple of colours at the moment to test out their popularity.


What Are They Made From?

Mexican Jerga Baja tops can be made from many different things. Ours are made from a mix of 50% Cotton and 50% Acrylic making them super soft and comfy. The inside of these hoodies have been brushed which makes them so soft and snuggly inside. It is such a nice feeling when you are a little chilly to pop one of these lovelies over your head. Ahhhh yummy!

Some producers made these tops from fabric which has been made from recycled fibres, such as recycled T-shirts however, more often than not they are made from a cotton and acrylic mix.

So whether you are off to your favourite festival or are planning on chilling around the house or, in the case of our friends from the 1970’s catching some waves – these great looking and great feeling tops are perfect for you.  They come in a large variety of colours and sizes so that we have something for everyone. We try to cover everyone’s needs.