Ostara is the spring equinox and is celebrated by wiccans and pagans alike.
On this day, night and day stand equal and in perfect equilibrium. Everything is in balance, inner and outer, light and dark and feminine and masculine.

Spring is here! The wonders of Spring are here at last and we are loving every second of it! A time of fertility and sowing seeds.
The sun is gaining his strength once again meaning that the coming days are getting warmer and the longer. The past promises of Imbolc are coming into action and the fertility of the earth can be seen in the new growth that is evident already. The year is waxing and light is currently defeating dark.
The goddess is celebrated with numerous festivals to celebrate fertility, re-birth and renewal.

If you have plans to start your own growth in your gardens then now is the time. Time to start your seedlings and time, if you are planning your own her garden, to prepare the soil for your late spring plantings. The return of new growth is here and is a time we should all revel in and celebrate.

When I say you should celebrate, this does not necessarily mean that you should throw a huge party, I mean you can if you want to 🙂 What I meant however was each little bit of appreciation for the spring is celebration. Why not celebrate the new life around you doing a few of these;

Go for a walk by the river – visit your local river, take a walk along and observe all of the new growth that you can see and take in all of the wildlife around you. The birds and the insects know that spring is here too – note their change in behaviour too.

Take a hike in the woods – pack yourself a little picnic and go for a walk in your local wood. Wander about and note how the sun shines through the tress and how the newly growing flora and fauna stretch towards the light absorbing its power. Try it for yourself, it feels great. Feel the warmth of the sun and feel yourself regenerating beneath the sun god. Have a good ole stretch – feels amazing!! After your walk, try and find a nice clear patch where you can sit down and have your picnic. Relax and enjoy listening to the sounds around you.

Meditate – I find that there is nothing better on Ostara that a nice break for meditation. I think outside is best if you can. This way you can concentrate on nothing but the sounds of nature. I sometimes think that I can hear  and feel the vibrations of the sun regenerating the earth and can almost hear the flowers growing and their sounds  of joy! Time to clear you head and focus on nothing but Spring time and its lovely scents. Wonderful, just wonderful.

There are many things that are associated with Ostara that you will have all heard of I’m sure;Ostara Painted Eggs in basket with Grass

Painted Eggs and Chocolate Eggs – the eggs symbolises fertility and the promise of new life. It is said that the egg also represents the sun god and the White Goddess. The sun god is represented by the golden orb that is the yolk and the white goddess is of course the egg white.  It’s all about balance.
Over the years, it has become a fun past time for adults and children to paint eggs for Ostara decoration in nice and bright spring colours with lovely intricate designs. Commercialism decided that we needed eggs in chocolate form. I do love painting eggs however, I have to admit, I do love Easter eggs too.

March HareHare – sacred to the Goddess Ostara and is her said to be her Totem animal. The hare is a symbol for the moon. Both the moon and the nocturnal hare are said to die every evening to be reborn every morning representing the rebirth in Spring and, due to the daily rebirth of both the moon and the hare it shows that the hare is also a symbol of immortality.
Of course, the hare is also a symbol of fertility. Did you know that the hare can conceive whilst already pregnant. As time has passed, the hare seems to have turned into the Easter bunny who bring s eggs to people on Easter morning.

The Hot Cross Bun – god I love these tasty treats. Although they look like a baked goodie that only seems to come out in Spring, does anyone know what they actually represent? I shall tell you a little – the hot cross bun represents many, many things. If you can, think of it as a Celtic cross. The circumference is the circle of life, everything. Within the circle you have, the 4 directions of North, South, West and East, the 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and at the centre, the Sprint. The cross in the centre is the 2 equinoxes crossed with the 2 solstices. Ha, and you just through it was a tasty bun!!

So, there you have it, Ostara in a nut shell. There is so much more that I could tell you but we would be here all day. Just remember to be thankful for the coming spring and what it will bring.

Blessed Be!