Pagan festival clothing is a wonderfully comfortable, expressive and fab style clothing that is great when worn to your favourite pagan festivals and celebrations. Rain or shine, we have something that you will just love.


Pagan Festival Clothing

Pagan celebrations have been around for, well pretty much forever or at least as far back as humans go.  The UK alone holds many pagan celebrations and festivities marking import dates in the pagan calendar or, the wheel of the year as it is known by many. Many of these pagan festivals are held outdoors and so, it would make sense to dress for that occasion. As well as being outside, many require freedom of movement for certain rituals and rites and so, this means that you will need to ensure that your pagan festival clothing is freeing, allowing you to express yourself with movement. We have many items of clothing that would be very suitable from long flowing skirts and dresses through to nice baggy trousers and harem ali baba trousers, all of which are extremely comfortable and allow great space.

For those pagans who will not be joining in the rituals and are just attending as spectators, you will of course need some great festival clothing too. We Pagan Clothing Pentagram Baghave styles that are season appropriate however, many of our lines are worn all year round.


All of our hippy clothing has been handmade to an excellent quality and with great care in countries such as Thailand, India & Nepal. This style of pagan hippie clothing is perfect for both men and women and to be honest pagan or not.  We have a selection for everyone that is sure to brighten you day and the day of others around you. We offer Monday to Friday same day post providing that orders are placed before 15.00 and if you are in a hurry we can rush your order to you and have it with you the very next day. Aside from next day guaranteed delivery, we also offer standard 1st & 2nd class post and. we even post internationally too.
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