Passionate About Pixie

Pixie-Hooded-JacketsThere is just something about pixie clothing that screams fun, hippy, boho and festival.
When it comes to pixie clothing we have a huge passion for these wonderful pieces of clothing.  We have always loved this style of clothing, it is unique and looks stunning. I mean come on, what’s not to like?!

There are various styles of pixie that you will come across and we have rather a few of them here for you at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.


Pixies are wonderful mythical (unless of course you are a believer) creatures of folklore. They have been around forever and, I think, and can be found anywhere. They are particularly fond of beautiful places like the countryside and the seaside. Cornwall and Devon are well known for having their fair share of them!
Fond of dancing and holding gatherings for their friends, these mischievous little creatures are the epitome of fun with their childlike features, sense of great adventure and love for playing, pranks and laughter. These little guys and gals are usually depicted wearing green outfits with pointy hems and for wearing pointy shoes. Some even have nice pig pointy hats. They are also said to have beautiful pointed ears and cute little noses.

Everyone loves the little fellows which is why we offer you the range of clothing that we do.  We know that you love it as much as we do as you kindly tell us. Channel you inner pixie. Wear something bright, fun and that you love. Bring our your inner happiness and mischievousness.

Pixie Clothing

We have all sorts here to help you bring out your hippy pixie, both tops and bottoms.

Ragged-Hem-Multi-Layed-Pixie-Hem-Tie-Dye-Festival-SkirtThere are pixie hooded jackets and tops ranging from cotton to winter woolies which are suitable for both men and women. We have these in over 15 different styles and designs which means that you have plenty to choose from depending on how bright you want to be and how unique. Zips, pullovers, you name it we have it, just for you! Our jackets don’t just come with the pixie hoods though, some of them have a nice pointed pixie hem which looks amazing.

If the ragged hems are what you like then we also have tops, dresses and skirts to accommodate this style also. Tie dye, embroidery, printed patterns, we have it all.

We have something for all and for all occasions.

Come on in and take a look!