Pejorative use of the term hippie/hippy – what does this mean?
The word hippie was used with disdain by the beat generation as the new comers who dressed differently and had new ways of thinking started to emerge during the mid 60’s, these new comers were not considered hip enough and so hippie stuck as kind of dig at theses none cool ‘hippies’.

Pejorative use of the Term Hippie/Hippy

Pejorative use of the Term Hippie/HippyOf course it was the beat generation that got it all wrong, hippies were never trying to be cool, in fact the idea of being cool seems far from what they were trying to achieve, they just wanted to be.

The terms “hip and hep” made their way into the Oxford dictionary and were defined as words that meant that you were “in the know” and “aware man” Beatniks, who were essentially rivals for the attention  certainly did not believe that hippies were either hip or hep . The hippy clothing and festival clothing that we all love was worn by both types of people however along with others who did not describe themselves as either hippy or beatniks.

Some Americans in the periods of the 50’s and 60’s would use the term hippie or hippy as an insult toward young adults. These young adults of hippies were thought to be unpatriotic, uninformed, and naive to the world.   Even Ronald Reagan, who was governor of California during the height of the hippie movement, disliked hippy’s and  was known to have described a hippie as a person who “dresses like Tarzan, has hair like Jane, and smells like a Cheeta.”

Others used the term hippie to be mean in a more personal way and was used to say that all hippies were long-haired, unwashed, unkempt drug users (which of course was not true. Yes of course there were lots of drugs being used in that period but not all hippy’s used drugs).
In more conservative settings, the term hippie was (and sadly sometimes still is) often used to allude to slacker attitudes, irresponsibility, participation in recreational drug use, and activists linked to the hippie subculture.

Hippy & Proud Pejorative use of the Term Hippie/Hippy

I mean yes of course, don’t get me wrong, during the time there were indeed some lazy and stinky hippies who did use drugs however this was not the case for the majority. The majority of the hippy’s during the time were peace loving people who just wanted everyone to get along with one another. Many had jobs and regular lives but just dressed a little differently. There are many many people in the world today who still look down upon you if you refer to yourself as a hippy but do you know what, if you are happy with yourself and harming none then shout if from the rooftops and be proud to say

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, we are hippies and proud of it!