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Perfect for Poncho’s

The winter nights are fast drawing in and with it comes the cold, yes I know it’s only autumn but the dramatic change from summer to autumn usually results in many people running for the central heating, log burners and blankets to keep warm. You shouldn’t however be put off from venturing outside.  Autumn and winter are two of the best season of the year.  ‘Wait a minute’ I hear you say, ‘but it’s cold’.  Cold it may be but as the UK has real defined seasons we are treated to a real show as the colours in the natural world change from a variety of greens to the beautiful reds, oranges and browns.

Walking through the woods on a cold autumn day is a fantastic experience as you feel the crunch of the newly fallen leaves under foot.  As a child I always remember running through the leaves kicking them around and crunching them, I’m still a fan today along with walking on fallen red berries that make this great popping sound as you crush them.


The colours you find in the woods or even across the countryside as the season changes from summer to autumn is next to none and something that many people don’t even take the time to enjoy.  If you spend your life staring at your mobile phone then just remember to look up once and a while and really see the world around you as I’m sure you’ll be suitably impressed.  I’ve taken to not taking my phone with me when I go out on the weekend, I have no need to photograph everything I see as I would much prefer to see the world through my eyes instead of the screen in my hand, leave your phone at home just once and see how liberating it is not to rely on it.

Come middle to end of November as autumn turns into winter and the first frost hits us the trees turn bear as the last of their leaves fall to the ground and the English countryside is covered in a world of glittering white, this time the crunch under foot is the newly frosted grass that you come across first thing in the morning when you venture out to walk the dog across the fields or local park.  As you breathe your hot breath condenses in the cold air to create a white puff of steam, you rub your hands together and realise that the gray clouds that during summer are so unwelcome bring a certain calm during the winter months.


Every year I pray we will have a nice big dump of snow, I know it will throw the whole of the UK into chaos because as a country we have no idea how to deal with these pretty molecules of frozen water. But do you know what?  I love it and I don’t think I’m alone.  It’s amazing how so many people suddenly come out of there homes, it really brings people together more so then the sun does during the summer months.  Me and Nici still make snow angels and have snow ball fights, we even make snowmen if there is enough snow (our last attempt was a bit embarrassing but what the hell we had fun).

Don’t be afraid to get out there as it gets colder, if you have the right clothes on you’ll have great fun and look great at the same time. The right clothing can really go along way to help you on your walks and we have the perfect accompaniment.  When people ask me about poncho’s they often want to be reassured that they are warm and will help with the cold. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that for many years I have owned and loved many a poncho, few items of clothing last as long and get as much use as my poncho’s.  The summer solstice at Stonehenge; I wear a poncho, Glastonbury festival; I wear a poncho, fire in the garden; I wear a poncho, walk through the woods; that’s right I wear a poncho.  They are warm and look great although wearing something underneath is advised, I think popping out with just your poncho on would not only raise a few eyebrows from the neighbours but could also chill you slightly.

Poncho’s are warm, cozy and very versatile, they come in a multitude of colours, patterns and materials.  We have always highly regarded the poncho as it isn’t just a piece of clothing, the poncho can be used in so many ways, from the normal wearing to wrapping around a couple as a blanket or laying on the ground as a picnic blanket to sit on.  Ponchos have been part of mountain peoples lives for many hundreds of years as the ease of use and warmth associated with them is notorious, its amazing how such a simple piece of clothing can accomplish so much.
Our cotton ponchos are made of a thick weave material that in turn makes a nice weight over your shoulders, this brings a nice feeling of security and with the added addition of the hood really helps keep the cold at bay.  Of course for people who prefer there items to be a little lighter the acrylic cashmilon ponchos are for them.  These lighter weight ponchos are in no way any less of a poncho, the nice and soft acrylic material has fantastic thermo properties that help keep the warm in and the cold out. The added bonus of these light weight ponchos lies with the ability to fold them up relatively small when not in use.   male-and-female-acrylic-aztec-hippy-poncho


Whether you are a first time poncho wearer or a long time lover of the poncho we are sure that our range of hippie style ponchos will not only help keep you warm during the change of seasons but will also help you stay bright and colourful. Remember to wrap up warm and get into the woods and countryside to see all the great sights that can be had, autumn and winter shouldn’t be about wishing for summer to come back but should be a time to experience the world seen through different eyes.  Stay warm guys and keep hippy.  Love and peace.