Photo Competition

We are launching a one off photo competition on the 12th July 2016.

Existing customers who provide us with a picture of themselves wearing clothing purchased from Mystical Mayhem® Hippy Clothing will be entered into the competition to win a £50 voucher to spend at our online store.

Photo Competition Rules

The rules are simple:

On Tuesday the 19th July photos sent into us will be uploaded to Facebook, at 17:00pm on Monday 25th July the picture that has received the most likes will win the £50 voucher.
Get people liking your picture to  be in with the best chance of winning the prize.

1. Send us your image before the 19th July (an email has been sent to our existing customers, follow the instruction in the email).

2. We post all images to Facebook at 09:00am 19th July

3. Start liking the pictures

4. The picture with the most likes as of 17:00pm 25th July will be the winner of a £50 voucher.

5. The winner will be emailed and a message will also be added to the winning picture on Facebook, we will also re-post that image.

Some simple rules:

One picture per person.
The £50 payout will only happen if more than 15 individuals enter the competition by the start date of 19th July.
Images for entry into the competition must be with us before 09:00am 19th July.

What’s not allowed:
Photos previously sent into Mystical Mayhem cannot be used in this competition.
Photos that contain rude or obscene images will not be included.
Photos that include images of a violent nature.
No politics.
Low quality images will not be included.

The Facebook likes will be counted on the original image we upload (we have no way of tracking any other images as individual privacy settings prevent us from doing so which means we can only track the original image we upload), the one with the most likes wins, simples.

The £50 voucher can be used on the site against any of our products, this is valid for a 6 month period from the 25th July.

By sending Mystical Mayhem Clothing your photos you give Mystical Mayhem Festival Clothing permission to use the photos on the website, a logo will be added to the image and Mystical Mayhem will have your permission and the rights to use the image on the Mystical Mayhem Clothing website.  Your image will not be used any where else.  For the purpose of the competition you also give permission to upload the image to Mystical Mayhem’s Facebook page.

These rules are subject to change.