I would say, and many would agree, that every hippy needs a poncho. There is going to be some time in a hippies life that a poncho will be required or, if not necessarily required –  most welcome. They are just so versatile and wonderful!


A poncho is a wonderful item of festival clothing that is worn as an over garment designed to keep the body warm or, if made from a watertight material, to keep dry during rain. Poncho’s are designed to be worn over your regular clothing.

 The poncho is essentially a single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the centre for the head. Ponchos have been in use by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic times and are now considered typical South American garments( although they are now considered by many to be typical hippy clothing garments 🙂 ).

We offer many different styles and types of ponchos in 2 different materials. We have some lovely thick weave cotton ponchos and some awesome soft acrylic ponchos.We currently offer one size fits most across our whole festival poncho range which includes cotton festival ponchos handmade in Nepal and acrylic festival ponchos that are handmade in India.

Cotton Poncho

PonchoOur cotton ponchos are made from a thick weave cotton that is then brushed to give the outside a soft feel and look.  These ponchos have a nice weighty feel to them giving you the warmth you need on good winter or festival nights.  The great thing about the cotton ponchos is the amount of fabric used in each poncho.  You can wrap these ponchos around you or use them to sit on if desired although I wouldn’t recommend sitting on them if the ground is wet and muddy. You can even share your warmth with another if you wrap it round them also. You can only fit one head in the poncho though 🙂

Our Super warm cotton ponchos are fitted with fasteners to close the sides once the poncho is draped over the body and our ponchos also have hoods attached to help ward off wind.
These awesome ponchos are available in many different colours.

Acrylic Poncho

Our acrylic ponchos are made from a wide range of different coloured acrylic material making them light weight and easy to fold down for storage when travelling around festivals. These ponchos fit into your bag a lot easier than one of our cotton ponchos and because of the lighter weight are easy to carry. These acrylic ponchos are so soft and snuggly that once you put it on you will not want to take them off! We have been advised that they also make amazing blankets that you can share with a friend.
Although these ponchos are lightweight, don;t let this fool you into thinking that they are not warm because they are. I own quite a few of these and love them! HIppy Festival Ponchos

All our ponchos come with hoods to help keep out the cold as well as a front kangaroo pocket for keeping your hands warm.

We are sure that our great looking festival ponchos will keep you warm as well as happy with the many different colours we offer.
Ponchos continue to be one of the best loved pieces of festival clothing and we hope to keep people looking bright and warm in our range of ponchos.

To view any of the ranges, just click any of the pictures above. Go on, you know you want to!