male-and-female-cotton-poncho-hippy-ponchoWith festival season fast approaching its time to look at getting your festival wardrobe ready for the upcoming season.  What better place to start then with the perfect festival accompaniment and firm festival favourite – the poncho.

Ponchos have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years, starting off as a basic blanket with a hole cut in the top for your head (I know we may have done this ourselves from time to time – well I know I have).  These great pieces of outer clothing have been worn by mountain tribes in South America as the perfect way to keep warm. Although some of the styles have changed from the original, the basic idea is the same and even include great upgrades like hoods and pockets to help keep you even warmer on those cold festival nights. Brr!

So what are the main advantages to a poncho?male-and-female-acrylic-aztec-hippy-poncho

– Provides an extra layer of warmth
– Feels great to wear
– Looks great
– Can be used as a picnic blanket on warmer days
– Can be used as an extra blanket/duvet when you sleep
– Acrylic ponchos fold up small for easy storage
– Cotton poncho is big and heavy to provide a feeling of security

When it comes to simple yet effect clothing, the poncho wins hands down. Everytime! This great piece of festival clothing doesn’t just look great but it helps provide a layer of warmth when at your favourite festival, a blanket when sitting on the ground or a duvet when you sleep.

I think any festival goer should have one of these beauties in their bag because they really are a great all rounder. I spent many summer nights walking around festivals, and many cold nights sitting at the stone circle at Glastonbury, my poncho saved me many a times, it kept me warm and made me feel comfortable when I spent the long nights traipsing around the festival.

You can buy ponchos in several different materials, cotton, acrylic and wool.  Cotton ponchos are nice and heavy and are the style I prefer to take to festivals, this is mostly due to their hard wearing nature, heavy feel and general look. These beauties are perfect for late night ramblings through the festival.
Acrylic ponchos follow a close second as they are light weight, very warm and perfect for when you want full movement with little to no restriction. Then, to top off their greatness, they fold down very well and fit in most bags.
Wool ponchos can also be very heavy and tend to be in the traditional diamond shaped. These are normally knitted or crocheted, as there tends to big bigger gaps in the wool and people have mentioned to us that the wind gets in but they are good for adding that little extra layer of warmth.

Whatever festival you are off to this year we think that a poncho would make a good festival survival item.  In Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy they recommend to always have your towel with you, when it comes to festivals we always recommend you have a poncho.

Have fun guys we hope you have a great festival.

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