Preparing for Your Hippy Summer BBQ

Preparing For Your Hippy Summer BBQ


When the weather is anywhere near decent, us Brits love to be in the garden burning food over hot coals. Yes that’s right, burning! A hippy summer BBQ wouldn’t be the same unless everything tastes slightly charred. That’s what a BBQ is right otherwise we would jut cook it in the oven?

The sun is almost shining and the temperature is warm (ish) so it must be time to stoke up the good old BBQ.  If you are unsure if it is the right time of year, Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing can confirm yoru hippy summer BBQ season can begin. Ours is well under way, we’ve already had a few and even managed two in one weekend. BBQ hardcore man!

Preparing for your hippy summer bbq can be momentous. Getting ready for a decent bbq with lots of people is no small thing. It takes, time, dedication and style.

The Prep

So you’ve got your bbq at the ready, now what? You will of course need more than that. Every person who BBQ’s in the UK knows to have a few things on standby; a umbrella and a big tub of lighting gel being the most prominent.

Of course, there are a few things that can help the day go a little smoother. We suggest a cool box or large bucket filled with ice and beer placed near the chef . You’ll find that the chef will be a lot happier and produce the food with a big smile. Of course if the bucket really starts to get low, you might want to question whether they should be responsible for hot firey thing. At times when the beer is flowing and the sun is shining, it is sometimes better to maybe kick start the chicken and pork off in the oven first. Just to get some heat into the middle before throwing it on the BBQ to finish off.

Cleaning your BBQ

To clean your BBQ we recommend the more traditional method. Light the BBQ and wait until it is nice and hot. The grill should be attached as this will heat up and kill any bacteria. Then using a wire brush you can clean the grill with little or no effort. Of course if you’re feeling a little more adventures before you light the BBQ  you can always use a steamer or a bit of soap and water but this takes a lot of elbow grease, best thing is to clean the thing straight after use. Easier said than done when the party is in full swing. Who on earth wants to get their hippie clothing mucky by cleaning the muck machine?!

Getting your Meat

Buying the meat from your local supermarket tends to be the easiest option for most people, however we would always recommend popping to your local butchers. You should be able to get your hands on some lovely local meat. Also you may be able to get some great serving suggestions that many butchers are happy to advise on.  Our local butcher is great and they have a fantastic choice of exotic meats and BBQ packs at great prices. It is well worth the look, supermarkets are not always the best for quality and price so keep this in mind. Just remember to get preparing for your hippy summer bbq at least a few days in advance to make sure you can get the meat that you want.

The Drinks

If you plan on drinking all day then we find a spot of Pimm’s does the trick, it looks great to serve and is very refreshing with ice, strawberries, cucumber and a hint of mint.  Of course Pimm’s isn’t for everyone and good old cold beer, wine or spirits and mixers work just as well.  Something I’ve noticed is wine being mixed with lemonade to make it a little more refreshing and last a little longer on those hot summers days, make sure there is also plenty of ice for throwing in your cider, Pimm’s or mixed drinks.

The Hippie Clothes

If it’s going to be hot you will want to wear clothing that will keep you nice and cool. Especially if you are going to be the one cooking. You want to look amazing for your hippy summer BBQ and so let us help!
As well as great clothing, don’t forget your suntan lotion.

HatsPreparing for Your Hippy Summer BBQ - Hippy Hats

Our great looking sun hats will help keep the sun (or rain) off your head as you chow down on charcoal BBQ food. For some reason my hair decided to evacuate my head area when I was in my late 20’s and so I live in my hat during summer months. It looks good and keeps that pesky sun form burning my bonce (going back to the mention of sunscreen). We have a great selection of summer hats for the ladies and the gents. They are great for hiding your face from the sun. We have some wide brim hats that are wonderful for keeping the sun from your shoulders too.


Preparing For Your Hippy Summer BBQ - Dashiki Shirts

Hot weather means a need for cool tops. We have a great selection of tops here that are prefect for BBQ’s. If you like your tops nice and baggy then try one of our Thai short sleeve top. They are like a short version of our kaftans designed in Africa. Nice and roomy they are great at letting the air flow around you.  These are my go to tops when on holiday. They are perfect in hot climates. Made from a good quality cotton so are great for washing easily. Hand wash and then hang in the sun.  Of course we have loads of other great short sleeve tops for both men and women in our product section, including tie dye tops, elephant shirts and more. This is just one style and are available for everyone.

We have some amazing vest tops and blouses which always go down a storm with the ladies. Vests, tunics and even the iconic tie dye t-shirts, we have something for hippies of all tastes.



Shorts & SkirtsPreparing for your hippy summer bbq

When you are in the garden and it’s a hot day you really don’t want to be wearing trousers, they stick to you and make you feel uncomfortable.
Better to be in a nice pair of shorts. In our online store you will find a selection of both male and female shorts perfect for getting your BBQ on.  With a nice elastic waist band these shorts are perfect for throwing on before your BBQ and help keep you nice and cool throughout the day.

In addition to the shorts as we know not everyone likes to wear them, we have a great section of flowing skirts. Jump, dance and swoosh around for a nice cooling effect. Cotton, rayon and even silk, we have a stunning variety here for you. Short or long and even wrap around, you are spoilt for choice!

Preparing for your hippy summer bbqPonchos


When the suns starts to set and it gets a little colder it’s time to wrap up. For this we suggest one of our best selling ponchos (we would also recommend a small fire pit). These ponchos act as an extra layer and with a hood can really help keep you warm.  This means that there is no need to stop the party just yet.  If you can also get a fire going you can get the marshmallows out as this really finishes things off nicely.

Nothing better at the end of a bbq than to get your friends around a nice warm fire with some mallows on sticks. Delicious!


Preparing for your hippy summer bbq doesn’t have to be hard. Just remember what you will be surrounded by friends and will be looking great.
Drink sensibly folks and have a great summer!