Looking to find perfect presents for hippies? Well look no further as Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts have the perfect presents for your hippy friends and family. 

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Our online hippy clothing and gift store has a wide variety of hippy inspired presents.  Our hippie present range has been sourced with Fair Trade in mind.

Presents for Hippies

Presents for HippiesWe buy from companies who promote and stick to fair trade policies.  This means that our range of hippie presents are made in safe happy environments where people are paid a fair wage, no child labour is involved.  Here at Hippy Clothing HQ, we pride ourselves on providing excellent hippie gifts and presents as well as a great range of hippy style clothing.

What do we have?

Our range of hippie presents includes, hand carved wooden boxes of which the lovely Bali magic boxes are a favourite due to the quality and design. The selection of Indian boxes we offer includes some wonderful keepsake boxes that are all hand carved from sustainable wood sources.

Available is a range of Saa Presents for HippiesPaper Mobiles, these beautiful mobiles have little bells on the end and if placed by a window will gently jingle. If you like dangleys then we also offer a range of dangleys that are colour and fun, they also include a bell on the end of each string.

Our range of musical instruments is just starting to grow, we at present have thumb pianos and Güiros all of which are beautifully made by hand. Included in our musical instrument selection is singing bowls and wind instruments that are perfect for anyone wanted to add a little sound to their life.

We now stock a massive range of incense gift sets, holders, sticks and smoking boxes.  These really do make the perfect gifts for anybody who like the smell of incense.

We all know how hippies like to relax so with our new range of massage oils we are sure you will find a new level of relaxation.  These essential oils can also be used as bath oils.

Recently we took stock of some lovely wall plaques, these wooden wall plaques are perfect presents for the hippie in your life, they are hand carved and really add some style to any environment. We have been selling dreamcatchers for a long time now and they are always a favourite gift idea, they look great and make the perfect present.  Make sure you don’t forget we have hippie clothing that are perfect for men, women and children.