Acrylic Wool Jackets and Tops

Acrylic Wool Jackets and Tops

Acrylic Wool Jackets and TopsOur acrylic wool jackets & tops are a wonderful way to keep snug and warm on the cold days and evenings.

Acrylic is 100% man-made synthetic fibres and has brilliant properties. The properties include, lightweight, very soft and very warm. It also has a lovely wool-like texture and feel to it. Acrylic wool is an extremely versatile material and can be used to make many different types of hippy clothing.

A cheaper alternative to wool means that we can share the love with great and reasonable pricing. I have heard some people say that acrylic is itchy when worn on the bare skin however I have many items of clothing made from it and I find them incredibly comfortable.

All of these tops and dresses have been handmade which makes them all unique in some way. The hippy clothing designs are unlike anything you will find in high street stores.

Due to their warm and lightweight nature, they are great to take to festivals, camping and evenings out with friends.

We have a wonderful festival clothing selection here for you from long cashmillon pixie coats which are sure to make you then envy of all around you, through to some gorgeous fleece lined jackets to ensure that you are kept toasty warm without feeling weighed down by heavy coats. We also have some fabulous acrylic dresses which can double up as a long top depending on what look you are going for on any given day.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours. Our cashmellon clothing is suitable for both men and women and so can be enjoyed by all.