CorsetsMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are proud to present our range of steel boned over-bust corsets.  Made to an excellent standard, these fantastic high quality over-bust corsets are available to you in a variety of styles.

What is a corset?

Corsets were originally made and designed as a way to train the waist and to hold the torso in a particular shape. The idea was for a small waist, big bust and big hips and bottom.  Designed as a fashionable garment that allowed women to conform to the ways of society at the time.

Not all corsets were worn for aesthetic purposes as some were designed for the medical profession to help with back problems and internal injuries etc. The majority of corset wearers are women however they can indeed also be worn by gentlemen.

It used to be that they were worn by men as a tool for making them look slimmer however, these day’s they are worn for fashionable purposes as a woman would.


There are several different styles of corset that are available around the globe. For the time being however, the only design that we have here at hippy clothing HQ are over-bust.  This style encloses the torso extending from under the arms down to the hips.

Made from a mix of soft materials, each corset is shaped, strengthened and stiffened using steel boning. The steel boning has been inserted into purpose made channels.

All of our corsets come with a front bust fastening for ease of use. The backs contain lace so that you can choose the desired tightness and shape. This design makes for a much more flexible usage depending on your mood and the occasion.

Whereas corsets used to be worn all day and evening only taken off in the comfort of ones own home, now they are usually worn when dressing up.
Evenings out and fancy dress are when they are worn most often although they are very commonly worn under wedding dresses to help emphasise the womanly shape.

A wonderful addition to your hippy clothing collection – they look great paired with a nice pair of denim flares and a nice shrug or kimono.

However you wear your corset is up to you. They really do look great paired with bright and flowing festival clothing!